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Xperience is a single place to find new friends and discover great activities. Endless possibilities. Always in your pocket.

Meet new friends

Wherever you are.

Whenever you want.

No matter whether you like to party, love grabbing food or just want to spend a chill night home – On Xperience you can find new friends for any activity.

Always the right people.
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No matter why you're looking for new friends, we've got you covered. On Xperience, everyone's eager to meet new people, so you'll for sure find your perfect match. All you need to do is give it a try and join your first Xperience.

Recently moved to a new city?

We get you, moving to a new city can be tough. But we've got good news for you: Many people on Xperience know the struggle and are excited to meet up with you. Settling in just became so much easier.

Starting university or a new work ?

Uni and work are sometimes stressful. But together with other people it can be so much more fun. On Xperience you can easily find study groups or people to spend a chill evening with.

Traveling to a new place?

You're traveling and want to meet up with locals? Simply join an Xperience and make new friends, no matter where you currently are.

Or just in the mood for new connections?

Your friends don't share your interests? Or you're simply bored? Xperience makes it super easy to connect with people, even if you still live in your home town.

It's all about you.
And your friends.

Your creativity. Your imagination. Your passions. One place for everything you care about. At Xperience you and your friends always take centre stage.

Connecting to people.
Made incredibly easy.

We believe that making new friends should be easy. And this idea is at the heart of Xperience. Browse through all activities, join the ones you like and meet up with your new friends. It's as easy as that.


Explore the many great activities and find just the right one for you.

For You

Discover events that match what you're looking for: There's always something to do on Xperience.


Meet new people at your Xperiences and connect with them afterwards. Or simply chat to get to know each other.

And so much more.
Right at your fingertips.

Xperience is home to everything you need in just a single place. No more app switching, no need for different platforms. Follow your interests, connect with friends and enjoy your leisure time.
We’ve got you covered.

Discover Vienna's

We present to you: All the well-known highlights and secret spots. Discover places you’ve never seen before. And share them with your friends.

Your privacy.
Our concern.

We believe that your interests belong to you. And only you. That’s why we built privacy right into the core. Xperience is and stays truly personal.

Get inspired. Be creative.

Looking for inspiration? Browse through Xperience and find many great ideas. And if you want, create your own Xperience and share it with our community. It's time to let your creativity flow.

Connect online. Meet offline. Combining the best of both worlds.

Connecting online is easy. But we're all fed up with being online all day. Xperience makes it easy to find activities online, but allows you to meet people in the real world. The best of both worlds in a single platform. Just one download away.