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Creativity is at the heart of Xperience. With a single click you can become part of our creative community and share your own ideas with others. Xperience is your opportunity to make your ideas come true. We want to empower you to create wonderful adventures and share them with everyone you love.

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At Xperience nothing is more important than you. What we love is encouraging you to pursue your own ideas. Xperience enables you to find all the activities that perfectly suit your interests, happen close to you or are shared with your best friends. So you can always do what you love the most.

Discover your
new favourites.

Want to start exploring right away? Discover your new highlights in Vienna and check out our MyCity blog. We’re sure you’ll love it and find your new favourite spots.

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about us.

Interested in who we are? Find out more about our story and our vision. We are exited to meet you and other like-minded people
along our way.

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growing community.

Xperience is growing day by day. There are so many people to meet, places to see and activities to experience. Become part of Xperience and join our community of endless new opportunities.