Best 5 cafés to try in Vienna

Coffee. Let’s be honest, a good coffee can go a long way! This is why we’d like to introduce you to our favorite coffee places in Vienna. Those places are perfect for meeting friends, studying or just to enjoy a delicious piece of cake.

A classic Viennese café is the Café Oberlaa. It’s the perfect spot for a coffee with some delicious cake! No matter whether you are the kind of person who loves fruity cake, or you love a classic chocolate cake, this is the place for you! And to give you a little hint: if you want to enjoy one of their cakes at home with friends or at a birthday party, you can also preorder whole cakes.

Another place, that serves probably not just one of the classics but the ultimate Viennese classic, known for its cake (nearly) around the whole world, is the Sacher Eck. Here you can enjoy your beverage in a stunningly designed environment that is the spitting image of the city’s old charm. Of course, coffee sometimes needs a delightful companion called cake, which you can choose from a huge assortment at the Sacher Eck. Also, it offers you a beautiful view of the State Opera of Vienna, which is a must-see at all times.

A café with a completely different kind of charm is the Edison in Alserstraße. Its living room like furnishing is ideal for when you want to get a coffee and just hang with a friend. The Edison is exactly the place you are looking for when catching up with your friends over a cup of coffee. The chilled vibe invites to stay endlessly and just enjoy!

Imagine being at the Hauptuni and having lecture after lecture, of course after some time you need an energy boost. Luckily, we have the perfect place for you! The Weltcafé is close to the university and offers a variety of delicious coffees and homemade food. It’s ideal for a study break and to regain energy for the rest of your busy day.

Lastly, we want to share the perfect place to study next to a big cup of coffee with you. It’s called Das Möbel Café and it offers all it needs for a good study session with you friends. There are enough power outlets for laptops, big and small tables and most importantly… good coffee and snacks! And if you need more than just a snack, no problem because they serve delicious lunches as well.

Sharing our list of favorite coffee places, we hope to inspire you to try them for yourselves, try their delicious treats and simply enjoy your time! If you have favorites let us know so we can check them out as well!

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