5 Fun new activities in Vienna

Are you looking for fun activities in Vienna? We have 5 ideas for extraordinary activities you can do this spring! 

Black Lite Minigolf

Normal minigolf is a bit too boring for you? Then this might be just right for you! Black Lite Minigolf is based on the same set of rules, but all you have is some UV light. This means it’s super dark which adds a nice little twist to it.

It’s definitely a fun activity, just because it’s so different to what you‘re used to! And it definitely males for some really cool photos.

A fun activity in Vienna: Blacklite Minigolf
Enjoy a fun game of Blacklite Minigolf
Try something new: Brunch in the sky
High dining: Good food at high altitude

Brunch in the Sky

You‘re a food junkie and feel like you‘ve tried everything in Vienna already? Then Brunch in the Sky might be you‘re option to try something new!

What makes it different is that instead of enjoying your food in a regular restaurant, your lifted to over 50m height on a floating platform. It‘s a really weird feeling if it’s your first time, but it’s so much fun to enjoy good food combined with an amazing view!

Disc Golf

The name already gives it away, but this is basically a mixture between golf and frisbee. Like in golf you have different courses and try to get to the whole as fast as possible. But like in frisbee you do it using different frisbee discs.

It’s a really fun sport that’s perfect for spring. There is a free course in Prater and you can rent discs for a couple of eurors at Tennis Treff Oswald. It’s definitely fun to try out if you haven’t done it before.

Have fun this spring with disc golf
Disc Golf: Try something new this spring
Solve exciting riddles and do an escape room
Escape by solving fun riddles

Escape Room

By now they’ve become really popular but there still so many people who haven’t been to one! If you don’t know what they are: Basically it’s a team game where you have to solve different riddles and open doors to get out of a room. 

Nowadays escape rooms have become really fancy: hidden doors, fancy riddles and some even have live actors. It’s much more than just riddles, most of them are more like elaborate stories that you can be part of.

There are many different places to check out. Some of our favourites are First Escape or Crime Runners.

Museum of Illusions

You are looking for the perfect instagramable spot? Then Museum of Illusions might just be about right for you. It’s not like a regular museum, but takes you through different rooms in each of which you can be part of crazy optical illusions.

Upside down, distortions or changing heights are only some of the illusions you can experience. And as mentioned, there are some really cool photos that you can get out of it.

The perfect photo at museum of illusions
The perfect Instagram shot: Museum der Illusionen

Was denkst du?

We hope that you will try out one of our fun new activities in Vienna! Which one is your favourite? Is there anything that we missed? If you’re looking for more inspiration for fun activities, you can Xperience App herunterladen. There are loads of ideas you can find there and even other people who enjoy the same activities.

If you’re looking for more inspiration for some outdoor activities, you can also check out our post here.

Have fun!