Gifts that are more than a parcel

December 12th: Presents. Gifts that are more than a parcel.

Wrapping gifts can be a lot of work, especially when you have to do presents for all your friends and relatives at once. There is a way to stop this madness: Although preparing gifts can be special, have you ever thought about giving non-material things?

Especially after the lonely months of lockdown, spending time together is the best gift you can think of. Your grandparents probably don´t want anything else than to see you face to face again. Obviously, take the necessary precautions like keeping distance between you and your elderly relatives but simply make their day a little brighter by spending time with them.

If you can´t think of the right present but you want to give something meaningful we have another amazing idea for you. Christmas is the time of giving so we recommend donating some money to a charity of your choosing. This money will definitely help out more significantly at the organization then in the wallet of your family. Nobody will be mad about missing a parcel under the tree, when they hear about the money being spent well. Therefore, this is an amazing alternative, especially when you don´t have a good idea for a gift.

Another suggestion is to propose this idea to your family so everybody can pitch in with how much they want to donate so it will be a bigger amount to help others in need.

written by Michael