Xperience Update

The burning question… what is going on with the Xperience app at the moment? Well, with this little insight we hope to answer this question for you!  

Basically, what inherently comes with our startup is that we learn new things every day that ideally bring us closer to our goal: launching our app and giving the Xperience community a platform to connect.  

But what actually are those things we are learning and doing to reach our goal? 

From the marketing and the business plan, to product design, to actually programming the app, there is so much we’re working on in order to deliver the finished product to all of you the way we want it to be. 

Firstly, there is the planning. Not only the product itself needs to be taken into consideration time and effort wise but also our business plan and the founding of our company need to be put on our to do lists. Therefore, after writing up the business plan we’re now prepping the actual founding process for our company in order to launch Xperience. Aside from that, we’re preparing for our pitches to potential investors. We are part of a startup mentoring scheme which helps us a lot with making the final tweaks necessary to get our pitch deck ready. Secondly, parallel to that we are writing blog posts for all of you and sharing our visions, inspiring quotes and our team on social media. We do this on a regular basis to show you that we’re still here and that despite of the current situation across the world we are still working on Xperience. Also, if you have any questions about anything concerning Xperience just send us a direct message on Instagram!  

Thirdly, there is the app. Now that’s probably the most exciting part for you, so let’s jump right into it. There are two versions the team is creating, an Android and an iOS version so that there is an app for everyone. The development process started off just thinking of all the functions and basic design elements we wanted to include to make Xperience fun, efficient and intuitive. If you want to check out our product design head over to our Instagram page or our website if you want a more detailed insight. However, the most exciting part is that we’re already testing the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This basically means that our team of developers (Bernhard, Daniel and Simon) share basic versions of the app with our team and we report bugs back to them so that they can fix those bugs before actually launching our app. However, not only the Xperience team but also our families and some friends have already tested the MVP version in January and gave us feedback on all kinds of bugs. For us it’s very exciting to share our work with those around us since we’ve been working on Xperience for quite some time and are getting closer and closer to our goal every day.  

Of course, if there is a version that all of you can download and test yourselves at some point we will let you know as soon as possible. Are you excited to try Xperience yourselves yet?  

But one important part of Xperience hasn’t been fully mentioned yet… the team! At the moment we are a team of nine people across (even in times like these) multiple countries. Starting off with the one person who had the initial idea: Simon. He is concerned with the overall management and works on all projects as to support others but also bring in his ideas. Continuing with the ones who work on the business side of Xperience, we have Michael, Maike and Jonas. They keep their eyes on things like founding the company, the business model and pitching our idea to potential investors in the future. Another two people of our team are trusted with how Xperience is presented to the public, so to all of you. Florian and me (Katharina), we are busy with our social media appearance, our blog and our website in general. Last but most definitely not least, our product team members, Sophie, Bernhard and Daniel who are always perfecting the functions, code and design of Xperience. With everyone having different experiences and skills we work closely together to bring Xperience to life and to all of you! 

Now we hope that you have an idea of what is actually going on behind the curtain of the Xperience-Team. If we’ve left any questions or topics you’re still curious about please don’t hesitate to contact us in any way and just ask, we are thrilled to show you our work!  

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