Christmas and uni?

December 18th: Christmas and uni? How to incorporate some Christmas vibes into your busy day.

So, up until now we’ve offered you tips about decorations, music and even gave you some inspiration for Christmas stories. Nonetheless, this post is for all of you who are too stressed by all the university or school stuff that you didn’t get around to do any of those things! Since we know the struggle of last-minute studying for exams or revisions and everyone trying to get as much done as possible before the winter break, we wanted to share some tips and tricks that helped us up to now and might still do wonders for you these last few days before Christmas!

This first one is actually something which doesn’t require any extra time and just spreads the Christmas mood on its own. While studying, listening to online lectures or just working on something at your desk, one thing that changes the atmosphere immensely is lighting some candles! And it’s not like you have to use it as the only light source or light a dozen candles but even one or two literally brighten up the room.

Another little thing which goes actually well with all the uni, school or work stress is taking breaks and taking the time to actively include things that make you happy such as a cup of tea, a short walk, some Christmas tunes or maybe even decorating your space a little. Now this might seem not really in line with being busy and not having the time to do all of those things but having breaks between your study sessions will really help you boost your concentration and be more productive overall. The breaks don’t have to be super long, however, they are somewhat necessary to get stuff done in the long-run. Maybe give it a try and actively do something that sparks joy in between your study sessions.

One last thing we’d like to share with you is more of a motivational thing but it kind of helps during the stressful time before Christmas. Basically, focusing on all the good things coming up (like Christmas eve, a nice dinner, time with your close ones or whatever you are most excited about) makes working now a little bit easier. Of course, this is very much different for everybody but having something to look forward to while working hard can be a great motivation to push through, keep going while also keeping up the Christmas spirit.

Everyone is different when it comes to handling stress and so there are endless ideas and tricks of how to incorporate the Christmas mood into your day during such busy times. Hopefully we gave you a good starting point to keep the Christmas spirit alive! Keep checking our advent calendar, we have some more ideas coming up which you could do or read during study breaks.

written by Katharina

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