Fun facts about Christmas

December 24th: Did You Know? Fun facts about Christmas

If you are tired of all the stress during the festive season, just take a break, lean back, grab a cup of tea and enjoy some of our fun facts about Christmas!

Did you know?

  • Yummy needly Christmas tree!

Everyone loves to decorate their Christmas tree with some chocolaty specials, but did you know you can actually eat some parts of the Christmas tree itself? From now on you don’t have to throw away your needly favourite right after Christmas Eve! Good news for sustainability fans, if you consider that the average Christmas tree has to grow for 15 years! The needles, which are a great source of Vitamin C, are delicious for a self-made jelly or to spice up your food.

  • Ho Ho Ho

How many miles per hour do you run? Santa has to run 2.340.000 miles per hour due to the fact that he has to deliver gifts all around the world. All in all, he needs to visit 49.320 homes a minute, travelling 650 miles a second! No wonder it’s pretty difficult to catch Santa Clause in the act of his work!

  • Last Christmas – Wham

Either you love or you hate this song, there is nothing in between! However, this well-known catchy tune brings in more than half a million dollars every year and is still one of the greatest Christmas Classics ever!
But have you ever heard about Whamageddon? It´s an internet trend in which players try to avoid hearing the song “Last Christmas” during the whole Christmas season. You are out as soon as you recognise the song! So, do you want to play? Or can’t you resist the age-old Classic?

  • Coca-Cola Truck

Since 1995 the company Coca-Cola sends their unique red Trucks on Christmas tours in various countries to amaze children as well as adults! Unfortunately, this year the tour got cancelled due to the current situation. However, you can follow the Coca-Cola Truck on Twitter to get the latest updates!

  • Santa Clause and Coca-Cola?

One more thing regarding Coca-Cola: Originally Santa Clause did not dress up in red. For years, the traditional colours for the man of the North Pole were purple, green and blue. Later on, Coca-Cola decided to dress him up in red colours to match their Brand Identity. Congrats to Coca-Cola, what a great marketing strategy!

  • Christmas Sweater

A few years ago, the ugly Christmas sweater was one of the presents that got lost in the back of the wardrobe. Today wearing a cute, stylish or even ugly sweater is a serious competition! So, now it’s your turn to get all your friends to wear their ugliest sweater and compete for the title of “The Ugliest Christmas Sweater”. Just collect pictures and then vote, good luck!

Hopefully, we could put a smile on your face with our few festive fun facts!

written by Sophie

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