Sounds cool but what is that? Snackification is basically the change from three big meals a day to smaller sized portions all over your day.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a student at school, university, have a busy work schedule or just many to-do’s packed into your day – snackification is the solution for a busy day and hungry you. It’s super easy to pack snacks like fruit or protein bars for a quick bite, but you should also get something that really nourishes your body. This could be anything from a good bowl to ramen or something completely different you are craving that day.

Through the fast-paced-life it becomes more and more difficult to have regular meals as we know them. For example, starting the day early you might have time for a good breakfast but throughout the day you go from meeting to meeting and have some shopping to do after work. So, snacks or smaller meals fit perfectly into your day. Redefining the size, time and flexibility of your meals is the key to taking advantage of this new food trend. However, something that shouldn’t be confused with this way of eating is that you should still take the time to eat relaxed and enjoy your food. Especially, when being in a hurry all day long, we sometimes need to take a break and sit down.  Even though snacks are way more flexible it’s important to embrace them. What is a better reason for taking a break than having a little snack?

So how to get your snack? The classic ways are either preparing them yourself (which can be done all at once in the form of food prepping) or ordering it somewhere. Luckily, for both cases we’ve got you covered: Check out our tips for the best delivery services or come back later for more recipes!

Interested in some delicious examples? Well, here are some of our favourites:

  • Breakfast bowl with egg, spinach and quinoa
  • Chia-pudding with fruits
  • Classic club sandwich
  • Vietnamese summer rolls
  • Veggie wraps with hummus
  • Zoodles with tomatoes and pesto

A little hint from us: There are plenty of apps that can inspire you when creating your own versions of the tips mentioned above. For example, check out Kitchen Stories or Plant Jammer.

All in all, snackification is the perfect solution for getting all the delicious food you need despite a super busy day. It has been around for a long time (since busy schedules have always existed) but now it has a catchy name. Are you curious to upgrade your snack game?