Where We Can’t Wait to Eat Again

Restrictions due to Covid – 19 have us at Xperience day dreaming about eating at our favorite restaurants again! Vienna has no shortage of amazing and diverse spots and choosing where to go can be a hassle. So here are some of our most anticipated visits for when Covid – 19 restrictions are lifted!

The Lala

Two sisters had a dream of bringing some of the holistic health and sustainability aspects from the L.A. culinary scene to Vienna and made that dream a reality by opening an all-vegan restaurant. Their first venture in Vienna, also with a vegan theme, is the ice shop Veganista, mentioned in another blog article of ours. The sister duo encourages you to skip plastic, sugar, and animal products with their menu that offers a great variety of healthy meals. However, The Lala puts great emphasis on flavor and tastiness so enjoying the healthiest foods becomes a delicious treat.  The pink-polished location adds a quirky and modern atmosphere that is perfect for a fun lunch with friends and makes it even more unique of a location!


For us, the uniquely beautiful Art-Nouveau location that is bright and filled with greenery (as the name suggests) is our favorite thing about this restaurant, but the fact that they have a great menu and delicious food is a close second. Whether you want to enjoy a meal with friends or grab a coffee and some cake, Palmenhaus offers the perfect ambiance with its combination of beautiful Viennese architecture and a contemporary and young twist. Located right in the Burggarten the location even offers a view and some nature in the heart of the city. With a breakfast menu, a day menu with specials, a fixed menu and a cocktails and drinks menu the Palmenhaus is a great choice for every part of the day!


The arrival of a LeBurger location in Vienna was highly anticipated and for good reason! LeBurger’s reputation of unbeatable flavor and interesting and unique burger variation precedes the restaurant and promises exactly the type of quality you receive. LeBurger has a rustic but modern American BBQ atmosphere about it that enriches your burger eating experience. When eating there you can tell they put a lot of hard work and care into their burgers and only use high-quality ingredients that are sourced from regional partners. If you can’t decide on any of the original burger options you can even create your own individual burger and even the sides and other meal options are highlights in their own right!

Konstantin Fillipou

The restaurants’ namesake is also its owner, an Austrian-Greek chef who values quality and authenticity. The restaurant is remarkable in its elegance combined with authenticity, which is present in the menu and different aspects of the food such as taste and presentation. The selection of fine wine and the delicious multi-course meals are just one part of what makes Konstantin Fillipou worth a visit. It is clear that this restaurant values creating a holistic dining experience for the customer, as well as serving high-quality culinary creations that will take you on a journey. This makes Konstantin Fillipou the perfect location for occasions like business lunches or dinner celebrations.


This location is special in its focus on and variation with one specific type of food – the dumpling. Or as they are called on the Ballroom’s menu BALLS. Ballroom really perfected the art of serving dumplings by offering a variety of traditional and authentic Asian types of dumblings as well as being creative with the medium of the dumpling and offering innovative and new delicious types of dumpings inspired by different cuisines. Whether you want to take a seat in their location, which is colorful and has a funloving and young atmosphere or you want to take some dumplings to go; the different variations and sizes offered, make dumpings at Ballroom the right choice for any situation.

We hope this list of spots we love was helpful to you and inspires you to Xperience some new spots around Vienna!

written by Maike