December 10th: X-Rona – How to make this Corona Christmas a good one.

Coronismas, Covidtmas, X-ovid, Coristmas, Covix-mas or X-Rona however you want to call it. This year was different in so many ways but let´s not let it end in a disappointing way. We must celebrate Christmas extra marvelously to counteract the 10 months of Covid. We have provided a lot of tips in our advent calendar so far, feel free to check it out to get all the information you need.

How can we spend Christmas without our families?
First of all, you won´t have to see your annoying Uncle Steve who´s Christmas mission is to ask the most uncomfortable questions. Just kidding, even Uncle Steve is an essential part of your typical festive activities. An “easy” way to see your family, even though it doesn´t come close to real life, is a video call which we already presented in a previous blog entry so jump over there after reading this one.

We must stay positive and see the few advantages among the cluster of disadvantages. It will be a less stressful holiday because there is chance you won´t have to think of too many presents, or you will at least have more time to do so.

Although x-mas 2020 won´t be the same, we hope that all of you will enjoy it as much as possible. If you liked the article, the Christmas elves, who wrote it, will want to see you tomorrow too!

written by Michael