Welcome to My City!

Hi & welcome to Vienna! Or should I say Servus?

This is the place to get all the inside tips on where to go and what to do in Vienna. Not only will we provide you with hidden highlights but also with the obvious choices – so basically, you’ll get the full package! We aspire to show you Vienna in a way that you will never forget. See our hometown city from our perspective and take your time to enjoy all its beauty!

So, what if you’re already living in, or near, Vienna? Well, there will be content for you too! On this part of our website we want to personally share our favorites and tips to inspire you to check them out! Of course, we appreciate if you have any suggestions that you send them to us as well and maybe your hidden highlight will be our next go to as well!

We are eager to show, describe and share our Vienna Xperiences with you all!

Stay tuned for more!!

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