5 Things you haven’t done in Vienna (yet…)

So, you’ve done everything you could think of in Vienna and need some inspiration as to what to do next? We’ve got you! Today we want to give you a little insight as to what to do, when there is too much of a routine in your free time activities and you really want to switch things up a little. We’ve compiled a list of fun things to do for you and your friends all year around.

The first activity will challenge your perception and guarantee a fun time. Visit the Museum of Illusions in Vienna for a unique experience for your senses showing you a whole new world. They offer an exhibition of the wildest illusion which will leave you and your friends breathless. It’s a truly incredible visit to a different world which is not only interesting but also just so much fun (and also the perfect place for some memorable pictures!). But that’s not all! If you want to show your friends and family some examples afterwards (besides your awesome pictures) the museum also offers some resources on their website, which you can download and simply print at home.

The next one also challenges your senses but in a totally different way! It’s called Dialogue in the Dark (or Dialog im Dunkeln) and it’s the only exhibition where there is literally nothing to see. This is a fascinating opportunity for you and your friends to test your other senses because it is literally pitch black in all the rooms you’ll see. Your tour guide will be someone who’s visually impaired and you together with a few other people will be guided through a parkour in complete darkness. Also, something that is really amazing about this is that you never get to see the rooms you wandered trough and so it’s up to your other senses to discover your environment. However, that’s not all! You can also choose to have dinner in total darkness. This is such an incredible experience which, we can assure you, you will never forget!! Eating in complete darkness sounds impossible but we’ve tried it and you will experience your meal in an absolutely different way. While this is definitely an experience worth trying out, it is also intriguing (and shocking) to see, how it feels to lose our most important sense.

So, what if you want something a little more action-loaded? We also have a suggestion for you! There are multiple possibilities in Vienna do a kart race with your friends. It’s the perfect adrenaline kick and it’s easily accessible as well. You don’t need to drive for hours to enjoy an action loaded activity like this, it’s practically right in front of you. Also, there is the big bonus that you don’t need beautiful weather to race your friends since you can do an indoor kart race as well! So this is definitely the ideal activity for whenever you are in need of an adrenaline rush.

When talking about adrenaline we can go right to our next suggestion: Escape Room! With this activity you‘ll not only need to solve puzzles but you get the kick from being locked into a room (of course with your friends) and being tasked with escaping together. Solving the puzzles and connecting the clues is what makes this experience so much fun! In 60 minutes, you need to work together and be a great team to complete the mission assigned to you. It’s not only your opportunity to have a great time with your friends but also escape your life a little and dive into a totally different world.

Lastly, we have a suggestion for the culture enthusiasts amongst you. How about visiting the Oper in der Krypta and enjoying one of the many performances they offer? It’s an incredible atmosphere to dive into one of the many different worlds of opera. A little hint we have for you: if you’re there early you might catch one of the seats on the couches which make the experience even more unique.

Did we convince you that there are still many things in Vienna that you haven’t tried (yet)? Action-loaded, culture related or just a new experience for all your senses, we have tips for all the free time activities you guys and gals could wish for! Now the only thing left for you is to try them and tell us what you enjoyed the most!