Special Breakfast Places

Vienna has to offer some of the best breakfast and brunching places and going to brunch on a Sunday morning in Vienna is almost as much of a tradition as grumpy waiters.

From Grandmothers bringing you breakfast in their “public living room”, to a bistro with an emphasis on organic, homegrown, handmade pastries and bread, to a hotel-café-lounge hybrid urban hotspot with an international flair – here are some of our favorite spots to enjoy breakfast around Vienna.


As the name (Engl. full board but also meaning pension) might suggest, the main idea being the Café is that grandmas are the best at baking. Everyone can see the appeal of having doting grandma care and bake for you and that is exactly what makes this Café so special. The interior design is made to feel like you are sitting in grandma’s living room and the actual senior citizens working there add a flair of familiarity that makes you feel right at home. Brunching at Vollpension is a joy with a diverse menu that combines rustic and traditional breakfast elements with out-of-the-box and vegan/vegetarian options. Vollpension is unique in that you pay for your time there instead of specific meals and you can eat as much of the type of breakfast you chose as you like (just like at grandma’s house). Their unique selling point of a granny-themed Café isn’t only popular with its customers, it also has a positive social impact supporting senior citizens during their pension. With two locations in Vienna, backing courses by granny’s and a shop, Vollpension has a lot to offer and we couldn’t love it more!


This charming bistro is part of a bakery based on a strong belief in providing authentic quality pastries and bread made with natural ingredients. The family-owned business stands out with its original approach to bread making, deciding against ready-made bake mixes, and committing to fresh and natural ingredients. The bread served is handmade and all their ingredients are sourced from some of the best organic farmers in Austria. If you are looking for a modern sustainable but still traditional and authentic experience this bistro might just be the perfect place! Find out more about what makes their bakeries so special in our featured article.

Bakery Hotel Daniel

This spot has a lot to offer! With a bakery, restaurant, lounge, bar, and shop the Hotel Daniel provides a modern, international and busy flair that has made it the urban hotspot it is today. Whether you are an international guest at the hotel or a local this bakery with its rustic but current ambiance is the perfect spot to enjoy some international breakfast, drinks, or sweet treats. With the breakfast buffet that offers high-quality food and à la carte options that offer a high-end dining feeling, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for! The comfortable and aesthetic interior design, that makes this spot perfect for a casual brunch, a business lunch, or just a coffee and some tea is part of the uniqueness of the Hotel Daniel Bakery. This is a breakfast experience you will not want to miss!

We hope you found these suggestions helpful and get to try them soon! Mahlzeit!

written by Maike