Best Cocktail Bars in Summer

Summer, sunshine and spending time with friends. Times like that are just what we work towards and take as a motivation when it’s raining and we are super busy with work, school or uni. So, we want to share five beautiful places where you can enjoy a sundowner drink with the ones close to your heart.

Something typical for this season in Vienna is spending time at the Danube Canal with friends and enjoy summer evenings. Technically it’s not one bar but it’s the perfect place for bar hopping and trying out different new bars and restaurants. Not only is it typical for Vienna but it is the go-to place to get some vacation and beach vibes. However, one of our favorite places is Tel Aviv Beach. The simple but modern look of the restaurant offers an atmosphere which is so close to actually being on a beach that you can forget your busy schedule and just enjoy your stay with your friends.

Our next pick is a little on the pricier side but totally worth it for a memorable fancy night out. The bar in the DC Tower, called 57 Lounge, offers a breathtaking view of Vienna next to a delicious cocktail. It’s not something you do every day which makes the experience even more special! We absolutely recommend this place if you have something to celebrate and create a unique memory with friends or family. So, take pictures, sip on your drink and enjoy your time in such an exceptional place!

This place is technically not only a bar however, the drinks are amazing! It’s called Santos and is one of our favorite places to enjoy Mexican food or nice cocktails. Sweet or hot – they have every kind of cocktail that you can dream of. This is the ideal bar for you and your friends because there is something for everybody. And if you get hungry or just want to grab a snack in between your drinks you are already in the perfect place to enjoy a delicious dish.

Right in the heart of Vienna you find out next suggestion which is called Catch It’s perfect for a nice after-work drink with colleagues or friends, either inside or enjoying some fresh air. They have amazing cocktails which will make it hard to pick only one to start with. Good news… you can always come back for more! Plus they don’t only taste amazing but look fantastic as well.

Strandbar Herrmann. Last but definitely not least, we want to present to you the best alternative to a bar at a real beach. Imagine it’s Friday, a nice summer evening, the sun is setting and you are about to have drinks with your friends. The most important question now is where to go, well… let us help you. Standbar Herrmann is a must try for everybody who wants to spend a beautiful summer evening in Vienna.

So, what all those places have in common is good drinks and the atmosphere for a perfect night out in the summer. We really enjoy spending time at all of those places and hence share our tips with all of you. Summer is such a beautiful season to spend time outside with your loved ones and discover new places and make everlasting memories together. We hope to inspire you with our picks and are looking forward to you all trying them and sharing your tips with us!

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