Motto am Fluss

Welcome aboard in one Vienna’s culinary highlights. Motto am Fluss combines stunning atmosphere and unique dining experience with one of Vienna’s best and extraordinary modern cuisines. Offering both a roof-top café and a modern, stylish restaurant, Motto am Fluss, is located in the buzzing heart of our beloved capital. We are sure, whenever you come here, you’ll definitely enjoy your time and you’ll fall in love with this place same as we did. And the great thing, it doesn’t matter when you’ll make your way here, Motto am Fluss will always have something for you.

To start your day, you will find amazing breakfast and brunch options in Motto am Fluss. What better thing to do, than to enjoy the amazing atmosphere in the middle of Vienna, sip on your coffee and choose among a variety of delicious breakfast options. Whether sweet or savory, pancakes, porridge, sandwiches or scrambled eggs, we are sure you’ll find something to meet your taste. And the good thing: If you’re already in the café, you can extend your stay, grab some lunch, a coffee or select among some of the lovely pastries and cakes they serve. For lunch, you can choose among their full menu or enjoy their daily business lunch menus. This also means that you can basically return every day, simply because the business lunches change on a daily basis and you’ll always be able explore something new.

For dinner, you can enjoy your stay in the restaurant which definitely deserves the title of being one of Vienna’s hotspot. Serving modern, international dishes influenced by traditional Austrian cuisine, the culinary experience alone is worth spending an evening at Motto am Fluss. What makes your culinary stay here even more exceptional is the stunning and amazing atmosphere that is probably unique all across Vienna. Motto am Fluss is designed to resemble a ship and being located right at the banks of the Danube Canal, the view of Vienna’s skylight at night is absolutely stunning. So, the combination of incredible food, atmosphere and modern, stylish interior definitely makes for a great stay at Motto am Fluss, no matter when you come here.

In general, Motto am Fluss stands for a cosmopolitan outlook and a different approach to service, food and atmosphere. This means that when you come here you won’t only have an enjoyable stay, but it will also be different and unique to what you can experience anywhere else in Vienna. Also, all of their ingredients and products are sourced from organic cultivation, and they ultimately value sustainability and natural products in everything they serve. They cooperate with many local, small-scale producers and focus on home-made products and high-quality ingredients. We fully support their culinary philosophy and think that you can definitely taste the difference and all the love they put into their dishes.

And, an additional benefit: Motto am Fluss is located at the landing area of the Twin-City Liner connecting Vienna and Bratislava. This means that you can start your day with breakfast here and then possibly leave for a daytrip to Bratislava. On returning from your trip you can stop by once more, enjoy a coffee and the sunset on the roof-top terrace. We honestly think there are few better ways to spend a summer day in Vienna and we would definitely recommend this as one of the great activities to do this summer.

We think that Motto am Fluss makes for an incredible restaurant and café, and definitely deserves to be on our list of hotspots and highlights in Vienna. So, whenever you find yourself having a free afternoon in the city, are looking for an amazing place to meet up with friends, or are on a trip to Vienna, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on a trip to this restaurant. We are sure you’ll love it and you’ll certainly return at some point. Until then, Bon Appetit!