Our Favourite Ice Cream Parlours in Vienna

This week it’s time for some summer vibes. With temperatures rising and the summer holidays imminently approaching, we are craving nothing more than some delicious ice cream. But choosing where to go can be very tricky: Which flavours will be offered? Will the ice cream be creamy enough? What about cones? Toppings? Taste, texture and price? Our own experience has shown that choosing an ice cream parlour is not just an easy choice but is of nearly scientific complexity. But rest assured, we’ve got you covered. After many, many, many trials, we are thrilled to share our favourites with you, and you can definitely imagine how hard it was for us to try all these places. Jokes aside, here are our top five picks:

The first spot on our list is a famous Viennese classic: Eissalon am Tuchlauben. Situated in the heart of our buzzing capital, this one is definitely your go-to option whenever you are in the city centre and craving some heavenly ice cream. If you are a fan of creamy ice cream (as we are) this is definitely your spot – We promise, you won’t be disappointed. The same applies to all the flavours you can choose from: a wide variety, including all the classics, sprinkled with a few extraordinary and special flavours. Walnut flavour? Macaron ice cream? Or did you ever want to try rhubarb ice cream? Then just pop over to Eissalon am Tuchlauben and you’ll definitely find your new favourite among all the seasonal specialities.

Another (by now) classic spot in Vienna: Eis Greissler. They have many stores all across Vienna, with the ‘flagship’ store being right on Stephansplatz (Admittedly, this is probably the smallest flagship store you’ll ever see, but with the longest queue you can imagine). But Eis Greissler is definitely worth a visit, especially if exotic flavours are your thing. They serve some of the more typical flavours, but also allow you to indulge yourself in poppy seed, apple-balsamic vinegar, and pumpkin seed ice cream. Sounds strange? We thought so too! But we’ve tried it and absolutely loved it – If you don’t trust us, trust the masses who queue in front of their stores. We promise, you’re definitely missing out if you don’t pay them a visit.

If you are looking for an ice cream parlour a bit outside the city centre Eissalon Trento is your choice – located roughly 10 minutes by foot from the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna, Eissalon Trento offers a huge choice of ice cream. Maybe not the most exotic flavours, but if you’re a fan of classic fruity flavours you will fall in love with this place. The ice cream is amazing and missing out on it would be truly a shame. Allow us to give you one hint: If you go there, definitely pick the largest cone they have. No second doubts needed, just enjoy your four scoops of ice cream, you won’t regret it (at least we didn’t, not once in many, many years).

We are approaching the top spot of our list, and our second place goes to Veganista Eis. Rather new in Vienna, but by now has multiple stores all across the city. The name might give it away, but this ice cream parlour is exclusively selling vegan ice cream. And even though none of us is vegan, this place still made the second place on our list. I guess that tells a lot about how amazing the ice cream is. But it’s not just the taste, but also the incredible flavours they offer – While we mentioned a few stores with exotic flavours on our list, Veganista tops them all. Lavender, Basil, Salted Caramel. Honestly, they offer flavours we never thought would make it to an ice cream parlour (But apparently they did, who would have thought?). In addition, if amazing ice cream alone wasn’t enough, they not only sell theirs in cups and cones, instead that also sell ice cream between two cookies. Do we need to say more? What more could you ever wish for?

And now, drawing to a close, we announce the ‘winner’ of our list: Eissalon am Schwedenplatz. And while compiling a list of the five best places in Vienna was hard, this one is definitely the uncontested winner (by far!). It is hard to describe, but the ice cream you get here is truly amazing. It’s probably the creamiest ice cream you’ve ever tried and although we’ve tried many, many ice cream places (not just in Vienna but all around the world) this is the best spot we’ve ever come across. No matter when you go there, we promise there is nothing you’ll be missing. It is just the best ice cream spot you can find.  And if you do decide to pay them a visit, don’t miss out on their nougat ice cream, you would regret it – Honestly, it tastes like a pot of molten Nutella.

As said, choosing the five best places was hard (but yet very tasty) – All of the places mentioned above serve truly amazing ice cream and there are so many places in Vienna that we couldn’t mention on our list. So, if you take the time to stroll through the city, there will be many more spots for you to discover. But allow us one last hint: If you find the time, try all of our suggestions. We’re sure you will love all of them and it is an amazing way to spend a day in Vienna. Any maybe we’ll see you at one of the places this summer (we will definitely be there)! Until then, share your ideas, thoughts and tasty images with us! We would love to hear from you.