Best Study Spaces in Vienna

You are looking for cool places in Vienna to make studying a bit more enjoyable? Here are are our top 5 best study spaces in Vienna. We promise you’ll love them and enjoy working there alongside delicious coffee and tasty snacks. If you’re looking for some slightly more creative spaces to study, make sure to read on!

All time favourite: Nationalbibliothek

One place that we can’t skip on a list like this is Nationalbibliothek. It’s an all time favorite of students in Vienna. If you haven’t been there, it’s definitely worth trying out!

As the name suggests it’s a proper library, set right in the city center inside the famous imperial Hofburg palace. Since it’s an actual library, you can’t really get coffee or snacks there. Instead you have access to thousands and thousands of books right at your fingertips.

One of the best spaces for studying: Nationalbibliothek
The newly renovated parliament building in Vienna

Secret Tip: Parlamentsbibliothek

We have a special idea for you that not too many people know about yet: The Austrian parliament reopened in January after 5 years of renovation and one of the things they changed is building a new public library, right inside the parliament building.

It’s a bit complicated to get in (you need to register online on their website and go through airport-level security), but once you’re in, it’s definitely worth the effort! You get a glance of the newly renovated parliament and get a quiet library right inside. One of the best things: Right next to the library is a really nice café and on top of the building is an all-new restaurant and bistro. So if you get hungry or thirsty, there is definitely a place to go for you!

Our top tip: Zoku

This one is a bit hard to find, but once you are there, it’s worth searching for it. Zoku is actually a hotel right next to Prater, but they have an amazing roof-top terrace and restaurant overlooking Prater. To get there you have to go inside the building and take the elevator to the top floor, even if it might look like you’re not meant to go there.

We love Zoku for its living room atmosphere and the instant access to coffee and food to help you keep going. Zoku even offers a co-working space package if you intend on going there regularly. This might be worth checking out if you like Zoku as much as we do.

The living room atmosphere inside Zoku
An all time classic: Starbucks

A classic: Starbucks Schottentor

Another suggestion that we couldn’t skip is Starbucks. You either love it or hate it, but for those who do like going to Starbucks, it’s a perfect place to study!

Our top tip for studying is Starbucks Schottentor, simply because it has everything you need (sockets, wifi, proper tables, an upstairs area where you’re not constantly distracted by newly arriving customers). Of course the best part about Starbucks is the instant access to coffee, drinks and snacks. This will give you that extra motivational boost should you feel demotivated after a long day of work.

Some peace & quiet: WU Library Café

We said no uni libraries on the list, and we’re sticking to that. But inside the WU library building there is a small, modern café that we really like for studying.

It’s normally pretty quiet, quite comfortable and cozy due to its living room atmosphere. It also has everything you need for a long day of studying.

They have affordable prices, decent coffee and proper food for lunch, so they have everything you need if you want to stay there for the whole day. We particularly love working there if we’re in the mood for some peace and quiet, since the other ideas on our list can be quite busy. So if you’re more the type for quiet studying, this might be the right place for you.

A bit of peace and quite: WU Library Café

What about you?

What’s your favourite place to study? Did we miss any suggestions on our list that you really like?Also if you like studying in public places, you might also like studying together with other people to help you focus. With Xperience we’ve created an app that helps you meet other people in Vienna to hang out with or study with. So if you’re looking for the perfect study buddy, download the Xperience app and join one of the many study hangouts happening there.

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