Heuriger Obermann

Whether with friends or family, spending time at a Heuriger is the perfect way to enjoy a meal the typical Austrian way. It almost doesn’t matter which season, enjoying the ambiance of a Heuriger is always beautiful. Flowers blooming in spring, quenching your thirst in summer, watching the leaves fall in autumn or huddling up with some hot cocoa in winter – it’s always a nice place to be. This is why we want to share an exceptionally good one which is close to our hearts, Heuriger Obermann.

Let’s start with the core of everything: the team behind Heuriger Obermann. Since generations the family works with their wine gardens, wine production and making their visitors feel welcome. Interacting with their guests in a friendly and inviting manor they create a chilled atmosphere which makes your meal and drinks even more enjoyable!

Not only is the Heuriger Obermann a family business but it’s also an organic viticulture. Knowing the origin of the wine you might be sipping after a beautiful day in the city makes it even more delicious in our opinion. Apart from the wine, you can choose from a variety of cold and warm meals which are typical for the Austrian Heuriger culture. Whether it’s just a little snack or multiple courses you’re planning to indulge in this place offers it all in a high quality.

So, that’s still not all the perks of the family owned Heuriger Obermann, it’s also such an idyllic place to be. When the weather is nice you can sit outside in their guest garden with a breathtaking view of Vienna’s 19th district. Although, the Heuriger is still in the city you can fully take in the green side of our beautiful Vienna. Also, an advantage we would like to make you aware of is that it’s reachable by public transport and therefore a good place to be for students who would like to appreciate a part of the Austrian culture.

Some fun facts that might make you want to visit Heuriger Obermann just a little more: Firstly, they already had a royal visitor, namely Prinz Charles. Secondly, they sometimes even have live performers which enrich the experience at Heuriger Obermann even further. Thirdly, their business even is under the top 15 Heuriger of Vienna. That’s pretty impressive since there are countless Heuriger in Vienna.

So summing up, our impression of this place is just booming with advantages and bonuses. It’s one of those places where you can enjoy the entire package. Starting with the beautiful ambiance and the friendly service and ending at the incredibly delicious food, Heuriger Obermann is the perfect place to get a whiff of the Viennese Heuriger culture. We are excited for you to let us know how you enjoy your visit at Heuriger Obermann and what was your favorite part.

Enjoy your delicious meal, the company and the beautiful ambiance!

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