Swing Kitchen

Swing to vegan! That’s exactly what they serve and what the world wants more and more. This restaurant offers all the goodies you can think of but they are vegan (& even environmentally sustainable)! We proudly present Schillinger‘s Swing Kitchen!!

© Swing Kitchen

Being vegan is something that reduces the variety of dishes you can choose from in a restaurant dramatically but not in this one since all of their delicious options are vegan. From wraps, to burgers, all the way to the sweet stuff, the Swing Kitchen is where you can indulge in all the delicious things you normally avoid since their main ingredient is some sort of meat.

Interestingly, their story starts with a common Austrian restaurant which served all the traditional meat-based dishes until one day fate intervened and due to a change of heart, a young man started making vegan history. Switching first to vegetarian he soon missed the traditional Austrian cuisine. However, this didn‘t stop him from trying new things and soon creating vegan alternatives of the well known and loved Austrian cuisine. So Irene and Karl Schillinger founded the Swing Kitchen!

© Swing Kitchen

Offering an entirely vegan kitchen wasn’t enough in their eyes, so they also worked (and succeeded) on making this business a sustainable and plastic-free business which shows in an impressive way how fast food can be healthy and eco-friendly at the same time. Learning about their mission and ideas behind the Swing Kitchen we are even more enthusiastic about their delicious food!

However, let’s get down to the real stuff. Their food! It really doesn’t matter whether you want to enjoy a classic Cheese Burger or their Swing Burger, they serve a burger which is worth your time. As we’ve already mentioned, all their food is vegan and climate friendly but it’s also fresh, which is super important to us. When biting in the burger (or any other dish they offer) you can taste and amazingly even hear that all the ingredients are of high quality. Since we don’t only eat to nourish our body but also to savor the food, time, and company we absolutely appreciate the delicious moments the Swing Kitchen provides for their customers!

© Swing Kitchen

Proving that their vegan burgers are too special to miss out is however not all. The Swing Kitchen has a wide range of foods which sound so good that it’s difficult to decide which one to taste first. Serving wraps, sides, salads, sweets and much more it is hard to make a choice. Nevertheless, we have the ultimate solution for you: just revisit the Swing Kitchen until you’ve tried them all. And then… well, then come again because it’s too amazing to only try once.

Yet another cool thing we haven’t mentioned up until now is that the Swing Kitchen is not only located in Vienna once. Visit their website to check out all the different locations where you can find them, even if you’re not in Vienna because they are also in Germany and Switzerland.

So summing up all the amazing advantages the Swing Kitchen offers, like their commitment to helping the environment, serving healthy and fresh food and giving their customers a space to enjoy their time, we are eager to see what’s next and we are ready to try it. Raving about Schillinger’s Swing Kitchen made us really hungry and we hope it made you guys curious to check it out! All there is left for us to say is Guten Appetit and we hope you let us know what is your favorite at the Swing Kitchen!