Tips for a Dinner w/Friends

What is better than a relaxed evening at home with your friends and some delicious food? That’s exactly why we want to provide you with all kinds of practical tips you might find helpful when planning and enjoying an evening with your friends and some good food. 

So, since we all connect via our phones things like planning an evening together gets somewhat easier. Deciding who brings what, which dish will be served/cooked or where to meet… all those things must be managed in advance. But did you forget something? Well… that’s always the question, at latest when everybody has arrived and you figure out what’s missing or even if somebody didn’t get invited. Therefore, things you should remember: 

1. Food

What do you want to cook (either together or in advance)? Which recipe will you use? What ingredients do you need? Which beverages do you want to have with your meal? What do you need to get from the store? Who is going to bring which items? 

To add another thing to the topic of food, we love to prepare a dish which is in some way modifiable for everybody. Stuff like burritos, tacos, raclette or basic sandwiches are perfect for occasions where guests who are vegan, vegetarian or dairy free come over and you want to prep something which is good for everybody. Especially nowadays it’s very common to be vegetarian, pescatarian or vegan, so finding a food option which is filling and enjoyable for each and every one of your friends is exactly what you want when inviting people over. Also, an advantage is that the preparations are quick, easy and you can even do them all together! Of course, there are ingredients which must be heated but some are also great to enjoy as snacks later on when enough time after the dinner has passed and people are getting hungry again. Saves also some snack prepping.  

2. Entertainment

Which games do you want to play? Which movie do you want to watch? Who is going to bring what?  

Of course, this is very much depending on what you have planned for the evening. Games and movies can be fun but a nice evening where you just talk and laugh is great as well.  

3. Transport

Who’s driving? Which train will you be taking? Which route is the fastest?  

This is something we’ve experienced a lot since we are from all over Vienna and Lower Austria. Finding a way to get there and back home is always something to consider beforehand. However, not only thinking about yourselves, it would be ideal considering the environment and hence maybe doing a carpool, which can be super fun as well.  

Starting from those questions we are sure you will have other things to consider depending on your specific plans, however, we hope they will give you an idea about what to think about. Let us know which is a staple item you think has to be included in a chilled evening with friends, which we didn’t mention.