Our Favorite Movies

Everybody knows the feeling; you want to watch a movie with friends and either you can’t decide on one movie or nobody can think of one that everybody would enjoy. We got you! Offering a selection of some of the movies we enjoy we hope to inspire you and simplify the process of picking the right movie for the right occasion.

Starting off with a comedy, we’d like to suggest Game Night (2018). Earlier in our articles we wrote about having game nights, but we definitely weren’t talking about anything remotely close to this movie. Max Davis (Jason Bateman) and his wife Annie (Rachel McAdams) take the audience on a crazy and wild mystery hunt during this night guaranteeing laughter, surprises and moments full of bizarre experiences. It’s the perfect comedy for a chilled evening with friends and some popcorn.

The Breakfast Club (1985). Do we even have to explain why this movie makes the list? Well… to name a reason besides just the fact that it’s an extremely iconic movie, it shows the beautiful transition from strangers to friends. A uniquely touching and funny movie that is a definite must-see for everybody who enjoys a good movie. It’s a go-to movie for a nostalgic movie night with friends and or family and may we add… absolutely one of the kind which can be re-watched and will still be amazing.

This next one addresses current issues in a creative and cinematic way that would surprise you. This movie is called Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) and is a mixture of comedy and drama. It boldly touches societal and institutional topics which are discussed right now, but in a way that might bring the underlying issue cinematically to the surface and lead one or the other to think about its message beyond the lines you head and frames you see. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) is definitely an interesting one to talk about afterwards.

Lastly, we want to mention a whole universe of movies which we enjoyed watching and re-watching. Of course, it’s the Marvel Universe with all its great characters, action and emotion loaded storylines and occasional jokes. Picking a favorite from all of them was just impossible since we find arguments for almost every single one of them why it should be considered the best one. The action fantasy world that Marvel Studios offers to the audience is not only captivating but allows you to fully dive into this world. One thing we want to suggest regarding the Marvel movies is that it’s way better if you watch them in the right order, so the connection of the storylines of the single movies and character developments make sense. Other than that we can only say: Enjoy the journey through this fantastic universe!

Picking only a few movies here we hope to give you a little inspiration for your future movie nights and all the rainy days you just want to chill and stay in bed watching a good movie. Please let us know about your favorite movies and why you like them so much. Movies give everybody the possibility to escape from their daily routine and just dive head on into worlds full of wonders, fantasies, fun and so much more! And the best thing is if you watch them with friends you can later on chat about them over drinks or a delicious meal.