Best Board Game Bars in Vienna

Who doesn’t love board games? Whether it’s really difficult board games that you can play for hours, or fast paced games that you can play with many friends. All of these are so much fun! Buying all the games you want to play can be really expensive over time and that’s why board game cafés are perfect. They have all the games you might want to play and you don’t need to buy them yourself. So here are our 3 favorite board game cafés in Vienna.

Paradice Board Game Bar

Paradise Board Game Bar say they have more than 800 games and if you there, you can really believe it. They have so many different options for you, so no matter what you like, you will always find something that you enjoy!

It’s a bit annoying to get to since it’s in the 16th district and can be quite busy, but once you have a table it’s the perfect place for a fun evening! It’s also quite cheap, you only pay 5€ for being able to play all games.

Loads of Games at Paradise Board Game Bar
A fun evening at Brot und Spiele

Brot und Spiele

Brot und Spiele is another cool board game bar. It’s easier to get to since it’s in the 8th district and what’s nice is that you don’t need to pay any fee for playing games. Instead you just pay for the drinks and food you consume there.

However, they have way fewer games, so if you’re trying to play newer or more niche games, then this might not be the perfect spot for you. If you’re in the mood to play easier and quick games, Brot und Spiele is definitely find for you.


Spielebox has the biggest collection of game of any board game café in Vienna with more than 7000 games. So if you’re looking for something very specific, this is your go-to place.

Because of the great selection and the possibility to rent out games that you want to play at home, we really love SpieleBox. The only drawback is that the opening times are not ideal. They have a “long” day on Friday until 18:30, but close at 14:00 on Saturday and are not open at all on Sundays.

So Spielebox is great if you want to rent some games for at home, but if you want to do a game night with friends, then you probably have to go to one of our other tips.

7000 games at Spielebox

Was denkst du?

Is there any spot for board game lovers we missed? If yes, let us know in the comments below! And ff you are looking for the perfect place to fetch drinks after your board game night, then check out our tips for the best bars in Vienna.

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