Out of Your Comfort Zone

Trying new things can be scary from time to time but it also helps us grow and learn about ourselves. Sharing those moments with friends can be a special bonding experience and create adventurous memories for you and your friends to thinks back to. Stepping out of your comfort zone can mean many different things, however, we chose our favorite activities which involve the perfect adrenaline rush! So, there we go with our top three choices of activities that’ll get you out of your comfort zone asap and into the mood of discovering the new!

Since Skydiving is a huge step out of your comfort zone, we suggest you start with Indoor Skydiving at Windobona at the center of the city. It’s just the perfect opportunity to try something new, get a rush of adrenaline and spend an amazing afternoon with your friends. Basically, you get an introduction, change into a jumpsuit and get started with this incredible experience. Indoor Skydiving is really like nothing else we’ve ever done before which makes it the perfect activity for a quick trip out of your comfort zone. Also, it’s the perfect gift for a friend who enjoys trying out new things and you can even join to take some amazing pictures in action.

This next one is an activity for a hot summer day when you are feeling exploratory. Wakeboarding is a super fun activity which you can try out in Vienna. Gather your friends and make your way to discover a new beach like feeling so close to the city. Some master it right away, others take a few trials, however, all enjoy the fun times. Wakeboarding on the Danube is also the perfect opportunity to practically surf out your comfort zone and make unforgettable adrenaline-fueled memories with your friends in the summer.

Last but not least we wanted to suggest the ultimate activity which you will never forget! Bungee-jumping. Donauturm offers a perfect opportunity to get started with that, either with your friends or alone but this experience will definitely bring you out of your comfort zone. It’d also be a great starting point for further activities you’ve never tried before and want to share with your friends. Creating moments, connecting with others and just fully enjoying life. What more is there to say than three, two, one – Jump!

Those activities are perfect opportunities for you and your friends to check out something new and indulge into an adrenaline rush. We’d be happy to get to know more ways to step out of the old comfort zone and grow as a person. Share your ideas with us and let us know which activity you’d like to try to leave your comfort zone behind in our lovely Vienna.