Story Time

December 17th: Story Time. Our favorite Christmas stories.

Nowadays, we tend to watch movies way more often than picking up a good old book and enjoying the story through our own imagination. But where to begin? During this oh-so-festive season we have a plethora of stories which spread not only the Christmas spirit but also include some wise words which we might want to take up in our everyday lives. So, we want to share our favorite ones or if you already know them it might inspire you to reread them and find the joy in some old stories.

“The Polar Express”
Obviously, this one is a quite popular one but it just had to be included in this list. For those who don’t know the story, it’s a tale about a little boy who sees a train outside his window with loads of other children, all on their way to meet Santa Clause. This story is just the perfect amount of Christmas spirit which brings out the inner child and just draws you right into the story. Now of course there is a movie based on this book, but reading it will make it even more magical! Also, reading such a lovely story is the opportunity for a wind down during these busy times.

“The Fir Tree”
A rather unknown story, however definitely one that will stay on your mind for some time! It’s a story for people of all ages so perfect for the entire family. This story is about a tree which is so eager to grow up and focused on the future that it’s forgetting about all the beauty of the present. This just combines three things in one: It gets you in the Christmas mood, there is a great meaning behind the story, and it will for sure take you into another world. It is really a great read and definitely worth checking out!

“The Nutcracker and the Mouse King”
Another classic but that’s exactly the reason why we had to mention it as well. This story is featured in multiple movies as well, yet no movie could do the book and your imagination justice. Getting drawn into the world of the nutcracker and the mouse king is such a magical thing that will complete your time before Christmas.

Hoping to give you some inspiration, we ourselves got excited to read a good Christmas story with a cup of tea and just enjoy the advent season. Take some time and relax with a good book, it will do wonders during these busy days.

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written by Katharina

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