Time of Giving

December 16th: Time of Giving – Things you can do for others in these times.

Everyone’s especially busy during December and in a rush to get all their presents and decorations sorted out. But it’s also a season of giving to others. Although these next couple of tips are something you can do all year round, we thought we’d share some inspiration with you around the holidays.

Something you can always do is donate clothes to people in need. Now that can be easily done when clearing out your closet of all the things that don’t fit you anymore or you that you simply never wear. It would be a waste to keep them laying around in your closet when you could be making someone else happy by giving them to charity.

Another thing you could do, as we’ve already mentioned in our previous article about presents, is donating money to a charity. It really doesn’t matter how small the amount, you can help others and make somebody else’s day better with a little contribution.

But there are also non-monetary things you can do for others! It doesn’t have to be a big thing, you can just support someone and make their day just a little easier and brighter. It starts by holding the door open for someone, it could also be preparing a meal for a loved one or doing the grocery shopping for an elderly or busy neighbour… or something completely different.

Hopefully we’ve sparked some inspiration in all of you to spread some joy and help out others. Keep checking our advent calendar for many more ideas and inspirations during the festive season!

written by Katharina

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