Tree Decorations

December 14th: Tree Decorations – Tipps and tricks that will make your tree look holly jolly perfect.

And here it is, the start of your Christmas: Your tree! One of the most wonderful aspects of Christmas and definitely something that you cannot do without. After decorating your whole home with a few small steps and brightening up your house with the perfect Christmas lights it is finally time for the tree. To give it away, I am a fan of traditional Christmas, so don’t expect any bright colors or extraordinary figurines. Let’s get right into it.

The first step (and probably most overlooked) is the placement of your tree. Only few of us will have a spot big enough to fit a massive tree. This means: Move your furniture around! Once you’ve made space for your tree you can find the perfect spot and place your tree right there. And on that note: Get a tree that is large enough to (nearly) reach to your ceiling. To me as a fan of traditional Christmas, it always looks a bit sad if your Christmas tree stops halfway up to the ceiling. When it’s about Christmas trees, it’s the size that matters (but don’t go overboard! If it’s too large, you will require a saw – Trust me, this is painful, I’ve been there).

Once your tree is up, you can start getting creative. The first step is lights. I love using LED candles as you can easily plug them in and light your Christmas tree up whenever you want to. Another trip to make it even more magical: You can run fairy lights or twinkle lights down the center of the tree. This might be a bit hard to install, but it gives your tree a magical glow from within that makes it truly special.

Once that is done, you can add ribbons to your candles: Simply tie small ribbons around your LED candles which allows them to truly stand out and look even more beautiful. And then, something that I love doing is to add candies to my tree. Why? Simple because it adds another layer of decoration to your tree (and no, they are not meant to be eaten before you take down your tree). We can just wrap them in beautiful red candy wrappers and use golden string to hang them on the branches of our tree. This means they tie in nicely with the rest of your tree and you don’t need to show plastic packaging on your tree.

And now to the last part: Your baubles. My favorite is red and gold but you can get creative. For a traditional tree I recommend sticking to two or three colors only and please keep it to spherical baubles or small Christmas-themed figures. No cats, dogs, elephants or any other off-topic baubles allowed (just kidding, I warned you that I am super traditional about my tree). Add the largest at the bottom and gradually move up. Baubles that are shiny will create amazing reflections and will make your Christmas tree appear truly magical. And one hint, if you want to go full in: You can buy spinners online that you can plug into your regular Christmas twinkle lights. What they do is spin your baubles very gently so that your Christmas tree truly comes to life!

With all these tips, I promise that you tree will look amazing! I am sure this will be the highlight of your homey winter wonderland and you can enjoy a truly lovely Christmas at home. Please share your Christmas trees with us, maybe we can learn something for next year.

written by Simon

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