5 Activities for the Christmas Break

Christmas is approaching quickly. Even if Christmas is quite stressful for most people, the holidays afterwards are much more relaxed. So we thought we’d share some ideas for 5 activities for the Christmas break that you could do, once all the family gatherings are over. We’re sure you’ll love them.


Christmas is meant to be full of joy and love. But we all know that’s not always the case. Last-minute presents, annoying family members and then you’re also meant to cook for everyone. All that Christmas stress can get way too overwhelming.

Wutstock is the perfect solution to cope with all that extra stress. The idea is quite simple: You can book different rooms with a lot of different stuff, and can then smash everything to get rid of any anger, stress or whatsoever. You always wanted to smash glasses, plates or similar things? Then Wutstock is the perfect place to go.

And one thing is for sure: it’s much better to go there than to smash your own dinner plates at home, just because you’re fed up with Christmas. If that sounds interesting to you, you can simply check out their website here.

Ice Skating

Once Christmas is over, all the different Christmas markets disappear from Vienna, and many of them are replaced by ice skating rinks. Especially the one on Rathausplatz is really worth a visit.

Another benefit of ice skating is that it helps you keep that Christmas spirit alive – you can enjoy some mulled wine and roasted almonds and feel as if Christmas hadn’t even started at all. It’s also a really cool activity to do with friends and definitely one of the best activities for the Christmas break.

Thermal Bath & Spa

Who doesn’t love going to a spa or thermal bath? Warm water, hot saunas or even a really pleasant massage, there’s barely anything better to do in the winter.

The good thing is: you don’t need to go far. Vienna has its own thermal bath in Oberlaa and even if it is not as fancy as some of the other ones, it’s at least super easy to get there by subway. It also has really cool saunas, a water slide, loads of different pools and many other things you can do, so it definitely won’t get boring.


Another cool thing to do is to watch the latest films in the cinema. Many new films are released around Christmas, so the Christmas break is the perfect time to catch up on all those films you might have missed.

You can also combine your trip with a nice dinner beforehand to make good use of a chill evening with friends. And the best thing about an evening in the cinema: it’s super warm, so even if it’s freezing outside, you’ll still be super comfortable.

Game Night

Who doesn’t love board games? No matter whether it’s simple games like Uno or Risk, or some of the more complex games, playing board games with friends is so much fun.

Depending on how many games you own, you can either host a game night at home (which means you don’t need to leave the house when it’s freezing cold outside) or you can go to one of the many board game cafés in Vienna. If you want to go out, our favorite place in Vienna is Paradise Board Game Bar. They own more than 800 games, so you’ll definitely find something you like! The only thing you should know: they tend to be quite busy on the weekend, so make sure to book a table online.

Sounds fun?

Are you now in the mood to enjoy some fun activities after Christmas? Then make sure to check out one of our 5 favorite activities for the Christmas Break! If all your friends are gone over Christmas, we have another suggestion for you: check out the Xperience App to find people who enjoy the same activities as you! It’s the best and easiest way to meet new people in Vienna.

And if you’re looking for more ideas for activities you can do this winter, check out our other post here. Enjoy!

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