Top 5 Bakeries in Vienna

Vienna is obsessed with pastries! And if you love them as much as we do, you’re probably also on the lookout for the perfect spot to satisfy your sweet cravings. Here are out tips for the top 5 bakeries in Vienna.

Bäckerei Café Felzl

Where the traditions of the art of bakery meets the modern world. They have 6 shops throughout Vienna and make everything in-house, care about the environment and most importantly about great bread. 

You can check out their website here.

Joseph Brot

At first glance, Joseph Brot is different from other bakeries. Maximum originality, unique, with a clear concept of slow food, minimalist design, a beautiful logo, referring to the handmade production of bread, with modern websites and stylish photos, a clean, airy interior, a minimum of plastic, no kitsch or other visual smog. Far, far away from buffet bakery chains with fast food in hand. In short, they have good taste in everything at Joseph Brot.

PARÉMI Boulangerie – Pâtisserie

The PARÉMI Boulangerie is a quaint French bakery known for its croissants, pastries and baguettes, as well as light fare. It’s very charming and stylish, with French breads at the highest level of quality. The bakery is extremely crowded during morning hours when people rush there to grab their first morning coffees. So it might happen that you need to queue there, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Ströck – Feierabend

Ströck-Feierabend is all about amazing bread. They draw inspiration from all over the world – without forgetting where they come from. What counts for Ströck-Feierabend: quality, origin, season and cultivation method. The high quality of their products always comes first.  Because the dough rests for a long time, Ströck-Feierabend sourdough breads are particularly easy to digest. They stay fresh for a long time and develop their special taste.

Café Demel

Welcome to Demel – home of the finest cakes, chocolates and sweets in the heart of Vienna. A cultural and culinary institution, their traditional coffee house has been tempting locals and travellers alike since 1786. They have upheld their status as a Hofzuckerbäckerei fit for royalty, with world-famous Sachertorte, Kaiserschmarrn and more made under one roof in the heart of Vienna.


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