5 Best Fall Activities in Vienna

We hope you read our 5 tips on the best summer activities in Vienna and we are back with the 5 best fall activities in Vienna, since September officially started!

Visit the Prater Park to see the beautiful colors of Fall!

Enjoy the largest park in Vienna and escape the crowds of the city especially when school and uni are starting again! Prater is the largest park in Vienna, it has an amusement park, sports fields and a soccer stadium.

It’s the perfect location for sports, walks, and picnics when the weather is nice. But the enormous ferris wheel next to the amusement park, from which you can see the park and the entire city, is my favorite aspect of the park. If you want to leave Vienna with one of the most stunning views permanently etched in your retina, be sure to wander along the Prater.

Stunning views of the city
Visit many sights for free on 26 October

Celebrate the independence of Austria on October 26th!

The national holiday of Austria is celebrated on October 26th in the middle of autumn. This day honors the day in 1955 when Austria attained complete national independence. Naturally, Vienna, the Austrian capital, hosts the majority of the festivities, and it’s a terrific day to be there. There is a lot to see and the city center is bursting with all the people visiting the different sights.

On this day, you can visit some of the most famous sights in Vienna for free. From the parliament, ministries and the national library, to various museums like the military history museum

Visit a museum on a rainy day!

is there anything better to do on a rainy fall day than to getting lost in a museum in Vienna? Maybe only if coffee was involved;)

If you want to see some art, please check out our article on The 5 Best Art Museums in Vienna

If you’re more into science, then maybe try the Museum of Natural History – It’s one of Austria’s major museums and shows more than 100,000 pieces in 39 exhibition rooms spread across the 8,460 square meters of the museum. If that sounds overwhelming: don’t worry, you can take your time and just look at the things most interesting to you.

Museums: perfect for rainy days
Interested in culture? Visit the state opera!

The opera season begins!

The opera season in Vienna opens in September, which also happens to be the start of the fall season. Since Vienna is known as the “city of music,” going to an opera is one of the best things to do here.

Starting early in the season has the added benefit of lower ticket prices, so if you’re trying to save some money, make sure to get your ticket as soon as possible. A great idea, especially during the chilly fall days.

Some operas will frequently mount a massive screen on the building’s exterior at the start of the season so that people can see them from the outside. So if you want to see you actually like opera, you can also watch a performance without even buying a ticket.

Study or work from a cozy café!

Leave your home office and go and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of some of the best café places in Vienna! Vienna is a city with massive coffee houses culture. You would be missing out if you wouldn´t try some of the most iconic cafes!You can also adhere to our small guide on the Best 5 Cafes to try in Vienna

A cozy coffee, the perfect space to study

Enjoy Autumn!

If you´re looking for more tips or certain activities during the fall make sure to check out the Xperience App! It’s the best place to meet new people in Vienna who share your hobbies. If you’re looking for more tips for what to do this summer, you can check out our tips here. Enjoy!