Must-Try Restaurants

When celebrating, catching up with friends or just enjoying a delicious meal. We have the perfect restaurant suggestions for you to try in Vienna! Visiting the following restaurants, you’ve got your bases covered with some classics in our beautiful Vienna. Also, we want to show you guys a variety of different types of restaurants so there’s something for everyone.

The first place we’d like to introduce to you is Motto am Fluss. It’s a beautiful restaurant at the Danube Chanel and so offers a nice view as well as an enjoyable meal! The Motto am Fluss has loads of delicious options for you to choose from and enjoy whilst sitting in a modern and stylishly furnished place. This is the perfect spot for you, whether you just wat to grab a quick snack or appreciate multiple courses. It’s also an amazing spot for a late breakfast or brunch.

Our next suggestion is a special treat! This one combines traditional Japanese kitchen with European and international touches. The Mochi is the place to be if you love good sushi in all its different variations! Not only is it nice to enjoy your meal directly at the restaurant but it also offers a take-away option which allows you to take your order anywhere you want, maybe like a nice picknick with your friends in the park. So, this is an absolute must-try if you love Japanese food like we do.

Figlmüller. It’s a very nice traditional Austrian restaurant where you can enjoy the classic dishes our beautiful culture has to offer. You’re looking for a place to indulge in a classic Viennese Schnitzel? Then we absolutely have the perfect spot for you here! The furnishing gives you classic Austrian Gasthaus vibes whilst enjoying your meal and a nice chat with your friends or family. The Viennese Schintzels are a highlight, even just by looking at them: The are so big (or should we say enormous?) that you’ll wonder whether there actually is a place underneath your Schnitzel. So, whenever you come to Vienna you just have to find some time to go and enjoy a meal at Figlmüller!

This next one is a really cool place for a nice evening out with your friends! This restaurant is called TGI Fridays and don’t we all agree that Fridays make everyone happy? This place has such amazing burgers that will leave you wanting more (but not being able to eat more since they are so huge). But this spot doesn’t only offer delicious meals but also a bar with amazing cocktails, wine and beer! It offers such a nice mixture of chill and party vibes that will definitely make you want to come back.

Our last suggestion is not only a place to be in Vienna but also in other cities like Paris, Mallorca Amsterdam and many more. This one is called Neni and is all about family and friends sharing incredibly delicious dishes! Here you can get absolutely everything you desire, whether it’s drinks, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Literally everything. The food is largely influenced by the Israeli, Romanian and Spanish Cuisine, so you can try their version of dishes you already know or indulge in the tastes and try something new!

Doesn’t this make you want to try them right away? We really enjoy spending time at these places with friends and just enjoying all the incredibly delightful options they have to offer. With this list of our top five restaurant picks we really hope to inspire you to try them and tell us about the places you’re passionate about!

So, this leaves us only one thing to say: Guten Appetit!