Activities in Vienna Without Spending Much

Spending time with your friends is precious but it shouldn’t necessarily be expensive. Of course, going out for a meal, drinks or shopping is nice, but after some time of being very social your bank account might suggest making a change. This is exactly why we want to give you some inspiration as to what you could do with your friends in Vienna without spending too much.

Obviously, spending time out in the open and appreciating the sun and some fresh air is very enjoyable to do in Vienna. This is why our first suggestion has to do a picknick in the park. There is no need for complicated planning beforehand or spending much since you yourself decide how much you want to spend on food. So, you can create your own picknick basket, either with some fruits and water or you could prepare salad, sandwiches or sweets. Also, there is no restraint on the time you can spend in the park, you can just take a study break, or you can spend your entire day sitting in the grass and enjoying life to the fullest with others around you. Some essentials we’d like to suggest are sunglasses, sun cream, water and a blanket (or jacket or something similar) to sit on. Our favorite places for a picknick are Stadtpark, Türkenschanzpark, and Sigmund-Freud-Park.   

Another fun thing to do with your friends (also ideal for cold or rainy days) is cook a delicious meal together. With this activity you have the choice whether to cook a trusty old recipe or to discover something new by preparing a meal you never cooked yourself before. This is a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your friends and make unforgettable memories. Also, you don’t need to limit your time together to cooking and enjoying the food but also browse through recipes and do the grocery shopping together. It doesn’t need to be planned either, you can just spontaneously go for it!

A typical Viennese thing to do is visit the Wiener Prater! The variety of things you can do here is endless as well. You and your friends could grab a snack, enjoy some of the attractions or just chill in the park area of the Prater. Making memories together is a part of friendships which we treasure and so we suggest trying an attraction and flush your body with adrenaline. When trying something that goes up super high another advantage next to the ride itself is the incredible view of Vienna which is really breathtaking.

Something more seasonal to do in Vienna which is truly unique to Vienna is visiting a Christkindlmarkt. Well, maybe not just one but all the different markets, each offering its own kind of charm. The most prominent option is the one on Rathausplatz, which is right at the heart of Vienna. However, the market on Spittelberg is something for itself as well due to the narrow streets where all the booths show their lovely products and foods. An option for the craft loving ones of you is the one at Schloss Schönbrunn. It displays astonishing hand-crafted things such as candles, scarfs and others. Can’t decide where to go? We’d suggest you try them all and enjoy all of their perks and the various different atmosphere you get at the different fairs!

A classic. Our next suggestion is one of the most classic things you can do with your friends without spending much: a game night! Although this is a kind of obvious activity to do, we really feel like having a game night never goes out of style and is a perfect backup plan for rainy or winter evenings. A twist to the classic game night could be for everybody to bring a new game and play games you’ve never tried before and maybe you and your friends even find a new favorite! Imagine all the different types of games you could play, some more strategic like Diplomacy or maybe something like Activity, which is always fun to play. But it doesn’t have to be something super complicated or time consuming, you could also play some UNO, Rummy or Mensch ärger’ dich nicht if you feel like it.

Feel energized and want to get out into the fresh air with your friends? A simple solution is grabbing a basketball or football and meet with your friends in one of Vienna’s public sport spaces. This is a simple, yet super fun activity you can appreciate with your friends and it doesn’t drain your wallet. Also, you don’t necessarily need to be an athlete to enjoy this, you can just have fun and make memories.

Sport, food, in- and outdoor. We try to offer inspiration for all situations and moods when you just want to spend some time with friends without spending much. You can alter all those suggestions to make them a day or just for a quick catch-up depending on your schedule. Vienna is such a beautiful place and we’d love to show you our capital in loads of different ways (many activities and more ideas to come). If you have any suggestion for us or something that we need to try, please let us know! We’d love to hear all your ideas!

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