The Best Parks in Vienna

Spring is finally here and summer is approaching fast! That means it’s time again for many more outdoor activities and one of the best things to do is to visit one of the many beautiful parks we have in Vienna. To make up your mind about where to go the next time, we present our list of the 5 best parks in Vienna:


Our top pick is Burggarten. It’s right in the city center which means it’s perfect if you want to spend a short break from work or studying outside. Even though it’s right next to some of the busiest spots of Vienna, you get an instant feeling of relaxation when you go in.

There is also a lot of green space, so you can sit on the grass, but it also has many benches if you prefer that. A public toilet is right in the park and many great caf├ęs are close buy so you can sip nice coffee while you’re enjoying the sun.

Burggarten, located right behind Hofburg
Prater: ideal for forest vibes right in the city


A completely different vibe, but definitely deserves the second spot on our list. Prater is something for the true nature lovers among you. It’s much bigger and much less artificial. So if you want to feel like you’re in a forest right inside Vienna, then Prater is your place to go.

The best thing is that there are many different activities you can do there. From playing tennis to disc golf there is so much to do. So you definitely won’t get bored in Prater.


Even if this is probably the most touristy park in Vienna, it still deserves being mentioned on our list. Stadtpark is also right in the city center, but definitely busier than Burggarten. The reason why we still like it is because it offers more space to sit on benches and has many small lakes that are really beautiful to look at.

Sometimes we also like the busy atmosphere of Stadtpark as it feels very vidid. You can spot tourists taking photos here, and outdoor gym classes there. So Stadtpark is really cool if you want to explore the lively side of Vienna.

Enjoy the vibes at Stadtpark
Take a stroll through Belvedere

Belvedere & Botanic Gardens

Belvedere Park is beautiful for a walk with its impressive scenery of the two castles and the beautiful flowers everywhere. If’s definitely not your go to option if you just want to chill in the grass. But still, if you want to take a stroll through Vienna, you definitely shouldn’t miss Belvedere Park.

And we also have a secret tip for you: While most people know Belvedere, most people don’t know that the Botanic Garden is right next to it. It’s equally as beautiful and often less busy than the main park area. And the entry is free!


This is definitely the least well known garden on our list and a bit of a secrete spot, even if you’ve lived in Vienna for a very long time. It’s super close to Belvedere, but absolutely not a tourist spot. Hence you can also find some quiet time there!

It’s quite a small park but definitely enough for a short walk and perfect if you just want to lie in the grass and enjoy the sun and nice weather.

Relaxed atmosphere at Schweizergarten

How about you?

These are our five top tips for the best parks in Vienna! Is there any of your favorites we missed? If yes, let us know in the comments below!

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