The 5 Perfect Brunch Places for Easter

Easter is around the corner. You might not want to spend too much time on preparing food, doing the shopping and cleaning everything up. If you’re like us and prefer a chill Easter Sunday, then these places might be perfect for you to get nice brunch without any effort.

Das Glashaus

Das Glashaus has amazing food all year round, but on Sundays they always have amazing brunch. They call it “table brunch” because you get your own small buffet served right on your table.

The selection is really good, ranging from drinks and sweets, to loads of bread rolls, ham, cheese and most other things you can wish for. Normally they even have pancakes and that’s definitely something you don’t want to miss.

The food isn’t that cheep as it’s around 35€, but that already includes one hot drink and some Prosecco and might be fine for a special occasion.

Enjoy delicious food at Das Glashaus
Enjoy delicious food at Das Glashaus
Enjoy different types of food at Habibi & Hawara
Enjoy different types of food at Habibi & Hawara

Habibi & Hawara

If you haven’t been to Habibi & Hawara, it’s definitely time for you now! Their concept is to combine Viennese culture with Middle Eastern food and we think the food they serve is really good.

The nice thing about their Sunday brunch is that it’s different to most other places. Instead of regular ham and cheese, you get Middle Eastern delights, ranging from falafel and hummus, to really nice oriental salads and warm dishes. But of course they also have the most impotent classics: freshly made pancakes and omelette.

It’s definitely one of our top-picks and is also slightly cheaper at around 30€ per person.

Eugen 21

Eugen 21 is actually a restaurant belonging to a hotel, but you can still go to their brunch on Sunday. They have a really nice buffet with most of the things you would wish for and an amazing selection of pastries and bread rolls.

Whatsmore, they have a few freshly made dishes you can order to your table. That includes amazing dishes like really nice pancakes or avocado bread with poached egg, We think this is really nice because you get fresh food without having to queue.

It’s quite pricy though at 38€ but for a special day it’s the perfect spot.

Eugen 21: A place for a special occasion
Eugen 21: A place for a special occasion
Vegetarian breakfast at Mooons
Vegetarian breakfast at Mooons


Another really nice hotel restaurant is Mooons. And there is even a twist to it: their breakfast is completely vegetarian. Now we’re not fully vegetarian, and we can promise all those meat-lovers out there: you won’t even notice that there is no ham at their buffet.

So if you’re in the mood for a good breakfast buffet and don’t mind skipping the bacon, Mooons might be perfect for you. It’s also a bit cheaper than the others at 24€. So if you’re looking for a more affordable location, this might be your pick.


You won’t believe it: there is another hotel restaurant on our list. Hotel Schani is a small hotel close to Hauptbahnhof and they have a really cozy atmosphere and nice breakfast. In summer you can even sit outside on their terrace which makes for a perfect start into the day.

They have a nice little breakfast selection and cover everything you might desire. From good bread and pastries to amazing coffee (already included in the price) to yoghurt, fruit and of course ham and cheese.

The big benefit: Hotel Schani breakfast is only 19€ per person and as said that already includes coffee and drinks. So if you’re a coffee addict and need at least three to wake up and still want to save a bit of money, then Hotel Schani might be perfect for you!

Delicious food at Hotel Schani
Delicious food at Hotel Schani

How about you?

You can see, we really love breakfast! And especially for Easter Sunday we want the perfect spot. We think any of the 5 on this list will be a safe bet and all of them are perfect brunch places for Easter.

There is another tip we have for you: If your family is not in town for Easter, it might be nice to celebrate with your friends. And if they are busy, you might want to check out the Xperience App, where you can meet many other new people who might also look for someone to spend Easter with.

While we’re all waiting for Easter to arrive, you might also want to check out our post about fun spring activities. We’re sure there is the perfect activity for you!