Top tips for saving money at the state opera in Vienna

We all know the struggle: Vienna is the capital of culture and has amazing theaters, concerts and operas. But the tickets are often way too expensive, especially if you’re still a student! Here are our top tips for saving money at the opera and many more locations!

That’s why we have a few top tips for you how to get the best tickets at a very low price.

Ticket Gretchen

Probably the easiest and most universal solution is Ticket Gretchen. It is an app/website used by most Austrian theaters and operas and you can sign up for it as long as you’re under 27. 

Once you‘re signed up, you can get top tickets for 20€. If you‘re lucky you can even get tickets in some of the best seat categories. Most places have special screenings where these tickets are available and they normally sell out quite quickly. For example the state opera releases tickets roughly 2 months before a performance takes place and the best tickets often sell out on the day of the release. But if you’re fast you can get really nice tickets at just 20€.

Many great activities: Vienna State Opera
Enjoy ticket for just 20€ at the state opera


Another possibility is to get yourself a youth membership. These memberships are normally very cheap and you get access to tickets at amazing discounts. For example, at Konzerthaus you can get a membership for 20€ – with the membership you can then book a whole series of concerts for only 12€ per event. Last year we got ourselves a series of 9 concerts for only 108€ where the standard price would have been more than 800€. What a bargain! 

Last Minute Tickets

Many places also sell off last minute tickets for cheap rates. At the state opera for example, you can get all remaining tickets for just 20€ if you’re under 27- even if it is in the first row! 

All you need to do is to go there on the evening of the event and see if they have any spare tickets left. They start selling tickets around half an hour before the performance begins, but it’s probably good to be there a bit earlier. There is always a queue of people waiting so if you want to secure yourself a spot, you might want to be there at least 45-60min before the performance begins.

A pro tip from our side: Check their website  during the day to see how many spots are still available. Of course it depends on the day, but if they have like 20-30 seats still available, it’s definitely worth going there to get a ticket. 

Enjoy your next trip

These three tips will definitely save you a lot of money, the next time you want to go to the theater or opera! Vienna has so much to offer and it’s really a shame to skip so many good opportunities just for financial reasons. But with these 3 tops tips for saving money at the opera and other locations, you will never miss the best shows again!

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