Ordering-In as the New Going-Out

With the next lockdown the issue arises for many of us food-lovers that we can’t go out anymore to enjoy some sushi, burritos or pizza. However, thanks to the wonderful world of online ordering we can appreciate all those delicious dishes at home. Making the best of what we have we all can support local restaurants and enjoy their food cozied up in the comfort of our own homes. As there are many different online services we want to focus on the restaurants rather than the performance of the specific apps. So, whatever you choose to use, the main thing is that you get your beloved food safely delivered to your home.

1. Mamacita – California Burritos

Who doesn’t love a good burrito? Honestly, a good burrito, a burrito bowl, some nachos with guacamole is what makes our day a successful one food wise. This place delivers all of this and more, basically all the heart wants. You can really taste the quality of the single ingredients when biting into the burrito or take a spoon-full of your bowl. Mamacita – California Burritos manages to balance all the different flavors and textures incredibly well so that nothing comes short and none of the ingredients get lost in the mix of it all. As well as the main courses, we love the sides such as the pink coleslaw! It’s just one of those things that you can’t get quite that way when trying to recreate it on your own. This side depicts the perfect mix of sweet and savory next to your salty main. I don’t know about you, but typing this makes me hungry already, so let’s get ordering!

2. Yamm!

So, this place is heaven on earth when it comes to vegetarian and vegan food. Their original menu offers many different dishes but they deliver their uniquely delicious bowls. When you’re looking for a super healthy option to order this is most definitely the place to check out. You can choose a bowl and then add whatever dressing you want to spice it up and give it the flavor boost you desire. Yamm’s bowls not only are good for your health but also for the mood since they taste amazing and make you full for a long time thanks to the healthy ingredients they use. Not that all those things weren’t enough but they add another plus to their food! Some of their bowls are even certified organic dished such as their Amaaazing Bio Buddha Bowl. You see? This place has so many advantages that it’s a good place to order your food from and sooth your food loving soul!

3. Bao Panda

If you’re maybe looking for something new Bao Panda is the right choice for you! Trying the Bao Burger they offer was an eye-opener to us. Trying something new is the best way to find new favorites which will last you a lifetime. For us the bao burgers are definitely something we’ll keep eating for a long time. You can try them with different kinds of meat or vegetarian or even vegan, it’s a perfect option for everybody. However, bao burgers are not the only thing Bao Panda offers. From starters, to sides to a variety of main courses which sound incredibly delicious, this place delivers everything to the comfort of your own home. So, just get started, try their dishes one after the other and let us know which ones are your favorites.

Though this list only gave a quick insight into three place that we love, believe us, those three are some really good picks! Starting off with those suggestions we want to share the first little piece of our favorite places to order food from. Ordering food is of course not quite the same as going out but sometimes the best thing is to cozy up on the couch and enjoy some soul soothing food. If you have any suggestions, let us know, we’d love to know about some new places.

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