Best 5 Cinemas in Vienna

Do you love films as much as we do? If yes, you’re probably wondering about where you can watch the latest films in the best quality possible. That’s why we wanted to share our tips for the 5 best cinemas in Vienna.

Artis International

The first of our 5 best cinemas in Vienna we have to mention Artis International. That is because they are the major English speaking cinema in Vienna and show films in their original language, rather than dubbing them.

No matter whether you’re not fluent in German or simply prefer original language films, Artis International is the perfect spot for you. The only thing: some of their cinema  screens are quite small so if you want the most epic film experience you should go for the premiere of a film when they are still shown on the bigger screens.

English films in Artis International
4D effects at Millenium City

4D Millenium City – Cineplexx

Another really cool location is Cineplexx in Millenium City. You probably know it already since it’s the biggest chain in Vienna. But did you know that they also have a 4D cinema?

It’s not like those 4D cinemas where they just show weird 20 minutes „films“, but they actually show actual Hollywood films with 4D effects. Luckily they don’t go as crazy as some of those tiny 4D cinemas and it’s just so cool if you see fake snow falling from the ceiling while your favourite characters are in the snow, or if your seats are rocking while the action heroes are in a car chase. It definitely makes you feel part of the action even more. 


Burgkino is maybe a less well know cinema in Vienna, but it’s perfect for all those film lovers our there. Its right in the city center and they show some of the more artsy films as well that you probably wouldn’t get in regular Hollywood cinemas. 

They also host cool specials nights every now and them – for example last year they hosted an Oscars night, were they showed all films nominated for an Oscar, even if they were no longer shown in most regular cinemas. So definitely worth checking out!

Cool events at

Film Casino

Film Casino is another more niche cinema on our list and again something for film lovers. They also select some of the more niche, but artsy films. But in addition the location itself is also really cool! It definitely looks more like an old-school comfy cinema than most traditional chains.

What we also really liked: The tickets and snacks are really affordable! If you’re used go traditional cinema prices, this will feel quite cheap to you. So that’s definitely a benefit!


The last pick on our list is Votivkino where you can also see some of the lesser know films if you’re interested!

What we really like is some of the special events they are hosting. For example they hosted a watching party for the finale of the Eurovision Song Contest this year and habe cool things going on ever so often.

Cool events in Votivkino

What‘s your next film?

We hope that you enjoyed our list of the 5 best cinemas in Vienna. Do you already know which film you want to see in the cinema next? We definitely hope you‘ll enjoy it! And do you know how the cinema is even more fun? If you are going with friends of course! If you‘re friends are not into the same type of films, we have the perfect tipp for you: Download the Xperience App and find people who share your interests!

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