Best places to go swimming in Vienna

The summer is hot and you’re dying of heat. We all know the feeling and not everyone is lucky enough to have AC or their own swimming pool. For those of you who are desperately in need of some cooling, here are our top tips for the best places in Vienna to go for a swim. 

Gänsehäufel: A classic

Gänsehäufel is probably the most famous public pool in Vienna. They have A LOT of space, several pools, but also access to the Danube so you can take a dip there as well. They also have different activities you can do, from volleyball to climbing, there is a lot to do.

In the summer it can be very busy and its a bit hard to get to by public transport (you need to take a bus to the 22nd district). Once you‘re there, it’s definitely worth it. Close by there is also one of the best ice cream parlours in Vienna, so make sure to check that out should you go there. You can find out more here.

Enjoy the sun at Gänsehäufel
Perfect view at Krapfenwaldbad


Krapfenwaldbad is probably the pool im Vienna with the best view. It’s high up in the 19th district and has an amazing view of Vienna. Again, unfortunately it’s quite hard to get there without a car, but once you‘re there it has everything you would expect from a public pool.

So if you want the best view and don’t mind the ride, this might be the perfect place for you!

Strandbad Alte Donau

Now this is definitely easier to get to Strandbad Alte Donau. It’s also located in the 22nd district, but it’s im walking distance from the next next subway stop, so super easy to get to. 

It’s really nice and perfect if you are looking for summer vibes. It even features a small sandy beach for the perfect holiday atmosphere. 

Holiday atmosphere at Strandbad Alte Donau
Relaxed atmosphere on Donauinsel


This is a slightly different tip, but we still want to feature it on our list. Donauinsel actually allows you to take a swim for free. They even have designated spaces to get to the water easier so no need to worry about that. 

Of course the entrance is free and even though there are still a lot of people in the summer, it’s still much more relaxed than most of the official public pools im Vienna.

Therme Oberlaa

Therme Oberlaa is perfect for cold days, or if you love warm water and sauna even in the summer. As the name suggests, Therme Oberlaa is a thermal bath, but they also have a quite large outdoors area with cooler water and the possibility to do some sum bathing. 

While it definitely makes more sense on colder days, it can still be fun to go there with friends, to enjoy the many different pools, slides and other fun activities.

Therme Oberlaa: Nice outdoors activities as well


Enjoy the nice weather outside and go for a swim. We are sure you will enjoy your time in any of the 5 tips we recommended in this post. If you are looking for people to enjoy the summer with, then check our the Xperience App. There you can meet new people and find friends to spend the summer with.