Festive or Rather Stressful Season

December 11th: Festive or Rather Stressful Season – Tricks how to create calm and chilled moments

For all of us Christmas can be a very stressful time. There are people to visit, you are trying to find the right presents for everyone and if not that than there is almost always something else to do that stresses you out. Luckily, there are some simple tricks to get you through the Christmas time in a comfortable way.

1. Limit your phone and screen time
By simply reducing the time you spend in front of screens you can easily reduce your stress levels. Try to half or even further reduce your screen time and you will see that there is more time for other activities than you might think. Reading a good book instead (try an old-school physical copy) will magically make you feel more grounded and can help you to find a calmer Christmas spirit.

2. Take a bath or drink tea
Another great way to make the season more hassle-free is to take a bath. If it is cold outside there is nothing more soothing than taking a bubble bath or drinking a hot cup of tea if you don’t have a bathtub or, of course, both. If you want to surprise your family or flatmates, you could even make punch (stay tuned, we might even help you with that soon!). It is easier than you might think and the taste is totally worth the effort.

3. Don’t forget to exercise
This might be frowned upon by some, but do not make the mistake to reduce exercising or even stop during Christmas. As we all know it is a time where you tend to eat and drink more due to all the incredibly delicious things around. For the first few days it might not make a big difference, but you will eventually start to feel uneasy and stressed out. So, use the beautiful (and hopefully snowy) winter days for refreshing outdoor runs or maybe just a walk rather than spending all day inside.

4. Don’t say “Yes” to every invitation
It is totally reasonable to not meet with everyone during Christmas time. Even if most meetings nowadays are held via Zoom or Skype, it can be very stressful if your calendar is full of appointments. Try to reduce them and spend more quality time with your close ones or even include some alone time for you to recharge your batteries.

Adding those more or less little moments can drastically help to reduce your stress level and create some calm moments. Try some of our tips and come back for more content all around Christmas!

written by Florian