Last-minute presents

December 20th: Last-minute presents – What to do when Christmas is right around the corner and you don’t have all presents yet.

Have you ever been in that horrible situation that Christmas is right around the corner and you don’t have all presents yet? Everyone knows the stress, it happens to all of us! Anyways, we want to help you to get out of this misery with some last-minute present ideas!

First of all, the most important thing: Don’t let others know that it was last-minute! Always try to pimp it up and never forget to add a personal touch! Let them think that you put in an effort of hours, days or even weeks!

The best presents are things that you have made yourself, so if you are looking for any inspirations, check out our Article from 4th December about “DIY Christmas Gifts”!

Another great idea is to collect the best pictures of the most memorable moments you experienced with your family and friends and to stick them into a beautiful photobook. Add a few personal words and et voilà you got one of the best presents one can receive!
If you don’t have the utensils for something like that, just take a Christmas card or any other festive paper and let your imagination flow! Take your time and make a short rhyme! No one can deny, that a sweet poem catches the eye! 
Don’t despair if you’re not good at poetry, we have some more ideas and tips for your perfect present! For example, you could just assemble a beautiful Christmas basket with various items. Put everything together that your loved ones cherish, whether it’s chocolate, cheese, wine, cookies, or other Christmas treats to bring a big smile to any of your friends’ or family members’ faces!

If the ideas above don’t fit your perception of Christmas gifts we got one more non-material suggestion for you: Voucher! But not like a boring Amazon voucher, more like a spend-time-with-me-voucher! So, grab a pencil and create a personalized coupon for some quality time: A whole day according to the other person’s wishes, breakfast in bed,

Good luck for your crunch-time-presents! No worries, your escape from misery is safe with us!

If you can’t get enough of our Christmas vibes come back tomorrow or read through some of our previous articles!

written by Sophie

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