Meet new Friends in Vienna: 5 easy ideas

Just moved to Vienna? Started to study or found a new job? Or living in Vienna for years and simply in the mood for something new? No matter why you want to meet new friends, here are 5 easy ideas for you.


If you study in Vienna, you might have already heard of the so-called USI-Courses. These are quite affordable sports lessons for students. No matter whether yoga, badminton or swimming, there the suitable courses for every hobby.

The good thing about it: The courses are not just a good opportunity for you to try something new, but the are also an easy way to meet people with similar hobbies. You can find more information about them here.

A picture showing someone at a swimming pool having fun with friends


Another classic among students: ÖH organizes different events and activities across Vienna. One of the most popular activities is “Spritzerstand” which is your opportunity to meet new people while drinking cheap wine.

We really like the idea of these events. The only warning is that they are very popular and sometimes very busy. This can be very intimidating if it’s your first time. It’s still worth to follow ÖH on Instagram and Facebook to see whenever they upload new events.


But what can you do if you don’t study anymore and don’t have access to all those uni events? Well, an easy trick is to simply join one of the many hobby communities in Vienna. No matter whether you’re a fan of tennis, board games or films, there is for sure some community that you can join.

Simply google your hobby or search for a suitable Facebook group. Normally these communities are very happy to get new members, so simply give it a try and meet up with them.


Maybe you already know the Yes Theory Community. It’s a community of active people all around the world who meet up for fun activities

Often they meet up for quite crazy activities, but you can simply join their Facebook or WhatsApp group to get to know some of them. We know quite a few Yes Theory members in Vienna and they are all really lovely people! So we can definitely recommend you to join their community.

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If all of the other ideas sounds a bit intimidating to you, we have another one for you: We developed the Xperience app which makes it super easy to meet new friends. Simply download the app and join activities on there that you like. You can then take part in these activities and make new friends in no time.

If you have any questions about the app, you can always drop us a message here or check out our app page. We would be super happy to see you on the app and maybe get to know you at one of the many activities. You can simply download the Xperience app here.

We hope that our ideas are helpful and allow you to meet a few new people in Vienna. We know that it can be difficult to find fiends in a new city. But with these 5 tips, making friends just got slightly easier.

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