Top 5 Summer Activities

After way too many months of bad weather, freezing, snow and rain, summer is finally approaching, and we can’t tell you how excited we are for all the things we can do now. Judging by all the activities that you can only do in summer we definitely think that summer is the best time of the year (we might be a bit biased here because it is also the only time of the year that we get proper vacations). So, grab your sunglasses, sunscreen, and beach towel and get ready for our top five activities that we love to do in our favourite season of the year.

First on the list, a classic: A good old BBQ. While this idea is definitely not new, it is a classic, and this for a very good reason. Having a BBQ with a few friends, whether at your home or in a public park (Donauinsel offers some very nice BBQ spots) somehow never gets dull. Preparing the food together is an amazing opportunity to spend time with your closest friends, and doing the actual BBQ just feels like all of you are cooking together. Afterwards, you can share the meal, talk and catch-up, and enjoy the remainder of a great summer day. Our top picks for a BBQ are ribs and sausages (or in case you are vegetarian, there are some amazing meat substitutes), haloumi (something that every good BBQ needs), vegetables and of course corn on the cob, to enjoy the full BBQ experience. And, what you definitely shouldn’t forget are marshmallows so you can roast them and enjoy them as a desert.

Our next suggestion is to spend an afternoon in the Zoo. Living in Vienna, we have the incredible advantage of having Tiergarten Schönbrunn right at our front door (figuratively speaking) and missing out on this opportunity would be a true shame. And while for many the last visit to Schönbrunn might have been at the age of 10, we promise you there are many things you can explore, even if you are older than that. Seeing the different animals and shows is amazing and the huge territory offers many adventures to explore. Another perk is that obviously adjacent to the zoo, Schönbrunn Palace offers an amazing atmosphere for a picnic and climbing the hill to reach Gloriette allows for an absolutely stunning view of Vienna.

Next on our list is an activity for those who prefer a bit of adventure. If you find yourself having a weekend off, we would suggest you take the time to go on a camping trip with a few friends. There are many spots in Austria that allow for a great weekend, one of our top picks is Ottensteiner Stausee. The huge advantage it offer is that it combines adventure and relaxation, as you can camp, swim, relax and lean back or climb some of the rocks to jump into the lack (But be aware, we are talking about 10 meters or more, so always be on the safe side!). Anyways, camping offers a completely different experience and is definitely nothing that you do every day.

Fourth on our list is something you can do once the weather gets unbearably hot. Alte Donau offers a chance for swimming and refreshing yourself if it’s simply too hot to do anything else. What we suggest, though, is to rent one of the boats you can get there, enjoy your trip around, maybe have a picnic on the boat and take a swim whenever you get too hot. In case it is just way too hot (or you’re simply too lazy) you can get one of the electric boats – Instead of paddling yourself, you simply control the boat with a joystick and have to do absolutely no work to move forwards. Either way, we are sure you’ll enjoy your time, and this definitely deserves to be our favourite activity once it gets too hot to do anything else.

Last but not least, we have a suggestion for the perfect summer evening activity. The Danube Canal has become one of Vienna’s highlights, with people flocking to the banks of the Danube Canal and more and more restaurants, clubs and bars opening the doors alongside it. No matter whether you want to enjoy your time with friends and have a chill evening or you want to enjoy a drink or some food, you will definitely find your spot along the Danube Canal. The good thing is that if your budget doesn’t allow for expensive, fancy cocktails you can simply bring your own drinks and snacks and sit in the grass while enjoying the warm evening sun, while the sun slowly sets to mark the end of another perfect day summer day. If you do look for a place to sit, eat and drink, there are many different bars and restaurants that you can discover. And even though most of them are always very crowded, there will be one that you like and that also has a free table for you.

We think that Vienna has so many different things you can do in summer and even if it is getting unbearably hot, you can still enjoy your time by doing some of the things that we have mentioned here. Of course, there are many more summer activities you can do, and we would love to hear about some of your highlights that we might have missed on our list (or maybe have never tried ourselves). So, let us know which things you love to do in summer, and we will make sure to give them a go.