Best Board Games to Try This Year

Summer is approaching fast and before it gets too nice to stay inside, there are a few things you might still want to do. Today we have the 5 best board games for you that you should definitely try out before summer.

No matter which type of games you like, you will find something on our list.

Camel Up

The first game is Camel Up, a super simple but really fun party game. You can also play it with two players, but it starts getting fun if you have 3-5 people.

The whole point is that you have to bet which camel reaches the end of the racing track first. The camels move in crazy ways so it’s really hard to predict and makes for a fun game that will definitely make you laugh.

Fun party game: Camel Up
A classic: Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens

By now Exploding Kittens has become a classic. But if you still haven’t played it (where have you been in the past 2 years?) then you should really do it now.

It’s a simple card game where your only task is to „survive“ as long as possible and not be blown up by one of the mean exploding kittens. All other cards in the game enable you to delay your inevitable death by skipping your turn, diffusing the exploding kitten or similar.

It’s not only a self-ironic game but also has really funny illustrations and texts on each card. It’s made with so much love and has many expansion packs so it definitely won’t get boring.

kNOW – The Google Game

KNOW is another really fun party game for up to 6 players. It’s basically the modern version of a quiz game like Trivial Pursuit. The difference is that the questions are answered by Google Assistant which is a nice fun add-on.

What also makes it different from other games is the type of questions. Rather than actual trivia you either know or don’t know, it’s mainly questions based on guessing. What’s the distance between hear and Rome? When was the fridge invented? You get the gist! 

This means it’s fun for everyone and it’s really hard for someone to be better than everyone else consistently which makes for a really fun and fair game.

kNOW: A cool new quiz game

Dune Imperium: A great game for all strategy fans

Dune Imperium

Now we have an idea for all those strategy game lovers out there: Dune Imperium. It’s definitely for all those of you who loved the film as well but also for anyone looking for a cool, difficult strategy game.

It’s a combination of worker-placement anf card game and combines some elements of the best strategy games. Every time we played it, it was also very balanced and at least for us it was always a close win.


The final game is Detective which is for all of you who love to solve riddles. If you‘ve played and of the Escape Rooms before, this game is like that, but on steroids.

You take the role of a detective having to solve various cases. You start out with some leads but your time is constrained, so you have to make wise decisions about which leads you pursue and which you leave aside.

From the evidence you collected you them have to reconstruct the case and identify the culprit. But it’s never super clear and you need to pay attention to all details to actually solve the case.

Solve riddles and cases in Detective

Was denkst du?

What is your favourite game? Anything you want to share with us?

If you want to try out some of these games before buying them, you can check out our post about the best board game bars im Vienna.

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