Christmas Lights

December 5th: Christmas Lights – How to pick the right light decorations for your place

So, Christmas is approaching and you’re still missing something? Chances are high it’s presents, food, plans, decorations and most of all time. But among all that stress, have you thought about Christmas lights yet? I’ll tell you something: Lights are such an easy, inexpensive way to add a lot of Christmas vibes to place. And here’s how to go about it:

Number 1: Assess the situation. How much money are you willing to spend? How many lights do you already have? (small hint: It’s very likely that you already own loads of lights somewhere hidden at the bottom of a drawer) Where could you add lights to? Do you have window decorations? Is your Christmas tree up already? After you know where to start from, it’s much easier to find the right lights for your place.

Number 2 on your list: Find your style. Many people (admittedly including myself) like Christmas very traditional. Others like more of a modern touch to Christmas. Some might even go full in with colors, twinkles and popping lights. Your style and how you want to do the rest of your decorations matters a lot when deciding which lights to choose. After all, a super traditional Christmas tree might look weird when placed next to modern space-ship style LED strips.

Number 3 (here is the fun bit): Choose your decoration. Ok, after you know how much money to spend, what you already own, where to add lights to and what your style is, we can finally start with the fun bit: Decorating. Here are three easy things that you can do, depending on your style: For all of our more traditional fans who won’t risk a single thing when it comes to Christmas, try spicing up your Christmas garlands by adding lights. Chances are, you quickly bought a Christmas garland somewhere and just dropped it off in your room. And while this looks ok, we can definitely do better: If you run some fairy lights through the middle of the garland you will give it a magical glow and spice it up a lot for very little effort.

The second idea is for some of the crazier ones: Say, you have already added lights to everything: Your tree, garlands, mantles, windows, and are now running out of ideas. But have you ever tried hanging them from the ceiling? If you combine some nice white fairy lights with crystals, strings and snowflakes all hanging down from the ceiling you can create an amazing impression of wintery icicles. How about that? Definitely haven’t done that before.

Last, if you prefer a modern Christmas, try to substitute your fairy lights with LED strips. They can create the same amazing luminescence and magical atmosphere that fairy lights create, but have a way more modern touch to them. You can simply add them to your mantle or your windows. Or you can wrap them around a circular frame and hang them from the ceiling to create little modern baubles throughout your home.

So, what are you waiting for? Start decorating and adding lights to your place! We promise you, it will look magical! Please share your ideas and photos with us and definitely come back for some more tips on Christmas decoration! Happy decorating and lighting up your Christmas life!