DIY Christmas Gifts

December 4th: DIY Christmas Gifts – For grandma and the rest of the fam, some homemade gifts can spark sometimes more joy than any store-bought present.

Finding the perfect Christmas present can be a challenge on its own. But having the commitment to buy everyone you know something nice for the holiday season can easily empty your wallet. The best solution is to leave your purse locked in a safe and create some DIY gifts for your loved ones.
Hand-made presents bring the biggest joy and if you follow our three tips how to get into the right Christmas mood and our choice of Christmas Songs making the gifts can be as fabulous as it gets.

Whether you bake some delicious cookies, chocolate covered pretzels or gingerbread, everyone will love your stunning homemade sweets. Another idea is to take the gingerbread along to your family and then decorate it together so you can spend time with each other. If you can´t visit your family this year because of the circumstances, just prepare it yourself and then drop it off at their place (carefully of course, we don´t want it to break).

If you´re not into baking, woodworking is a good alternative to treat your family. A small piece to hang on a key chain or something bigger to put up in their room are just some options. Basic designs like initials, hearts or Christmas trees serve the purpose but if you want your present to get close to the heart build something individual that only fits the giftee.

You can’t do without an advent calendar in December and DIY-Calendars always catch the eye! Check out our post about DIY calendars for some inspiration.

I hope we could give you a few tips to save some money and bring joy by doing it yourself this holiday. Come back tomorrow for some more inspiration for the Chrismas time. It will be de”light”ful!

written by Michael