Christmas Parties

December 21st: Christmas Parties – Games for you and your friends that work via videocall.

Fully aware that everything is different this time around, everybody tries to make do with the options we have concerning Christmas parties. Sadly, there are some things that just won’t be happening the way we all are used to. But we are here to share some ideas for the best party alternatives one can “host” at the moment. So, assuming you are substituting parties with video calls (like everything else where a lot of people come together) we have some game ideas which are fun to try.

Of course, there are a couple of different ways you can play these games, keeping score throughout the different games and turning it into some sort of a game day, having something to drink while playing or maybe just keeping it super simple.

One game that definitely works well over a videocall is good old “Stadt-Land-Fluss”. However, you can modify it the way you want and pick completely different categories. Choosing crazy topics might be even more fun and leaves more space for fun answers which will leave you laughing. Since the rules are super easy to understand it won’t take long to explain and you can get right into the game.

Another game that can be played via videocall is “Charades”. It might work a little different and you have to think of some alternatives for the drawing part (online whiteboard for example) but verbally describing or miming is for sure possible. It’s a simple game everybody enjoys and it can be played both with a lot of people or even with only a few.

The more digital approach to a game night would be relying (solely) on online games which can also be really fun. There are endless websites which offer free games for multiple players. With online games, the biggest difficulty might be to actually decide which games you want to play just because there are so many different ones. While there is no way we can come up with an exhaustive list, one of our favorite ones is “” which is basically an online drawing game. However, trust us, no one can draw on their phone and we promise you there will be the most horrific (and funny) drawings you’ve ever seen. Another one of our favorites is “Psyche!” which is an app where you will basically come up with funny answers to questions about other people and we promise you it will be a lot of fun. Last but not least, one game that we can’t forget about in 2020: “Among Us”. Probably one of the most popular games this year, but also one of the most fun. Taking a similar idea like the well-known Mafia and Werewolf games but transforming it into an online game, it is perfectly suited for playing online as well. And trust us, you will scream, shout and laugh while playing it. So, if you haven’t followed the trend and started playing, it is now definitely time to get started.

Now to be realistic, all of these online versions of game nights won’t do personal game and party nights justice, however, being grateful for all the advantages technology offers us, it is still a nice way to keep in touch. We hope that those party games might make you curious to try the online version and enjoy the (virtual) time you have with your friends.

written by Katharina

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