Christmas Vibes

December 2nd: Christmas Vibes – Tips to get into the right mood for Christmas

Sometime the brisk, snowy and sunny winter weather is all we need to get into this very special Christmas mood we all love so much. But what to do when it looks like it’s still September outside? Well… we’d like to help you a little with that! Stuff like listening to some Christmas tracks, getting some decorations in your living space and watching a good Christmas movie is exactly what spreads the Christmas spirit. Of course, there are variations to all of those tips. You can do the full on version with lots of decorations and blast all the classic Christmas hits or a more subtle version with a few candles and some tunes in the background. One way or the other, now is the perfect time for bringing the Christmas vibes into you home.

It might take some time but can’t we all use some holly jolly mood right now?  Music, movies and your surroundings might just do the trick and create a festive feeling so let’s get going!

Checking out our advent calendar every day might even give you some more insight into our little Christmas world.

written by Katharina