Palmenhaus Brasserie

Living in Vienna and loving a good cup of coffee with your breakfast comes somewhat naturally. However, sitting in between gigantic palm trees is definitely something you would not expect being able to do in our beautiful Vienna. Yet, the Palmenhaus Brasserie close to the heart of Vienna proves everybody wrong and makes their guests feel like they are visiting another world.  

We visited this incredible café to explore their breakfast options and see for ourselves the unique vibes this place offers. Since our last visit was in summer when the weather was still warm and sunny we were able to sit outside and enjoy the incredible view of the Burggarten (which btw makes you feel even more like you are on the countryside, somewhere far away from the city). This means also that we didn’t sit inside with the beautiful glass ceiling, but as we all know the different seasons offer different advantages – even when drinking coffee and going for a nice breakfast.  

However, the real reason why we came (besides the atmosphere and interior design) remains the food. This comes with tough questions about actually picking what you want to have for breakfast and it comes with a series of incredibly difficult questions: Savory or sweet? How hungry am I? Do I want to create my own breakfast or do I want to take a preset breakfast? And many more, which we all know all too well. However, choosing a Gartenfrühstück and a cappuccino was a good decision in the end. This breakfast combo is really the go-to when you are looking for a healthy, light and (of course) delicious way to start your day. Consisting of veggies, fresh bread, yoghurt, jam and more, it’s ideal for all the vegetarians out there (and those who feel like a vegetarian breakfast just because). The portion size is not too big but it also won’t leave you hungry.  

Another thing we wanted to let you know is that all the people are really nice there and contribute to the chill atmosphere. So that’s a bonus on top of the view and unique design of the café which is really important to us.  

To put it all in a nutshell, we are fans of Palmenhaus Brasserie and would definitely recommend checking it out. Basically, it’s the perfect pick for a extraordinary weekend (or weekday) brunch for you and your friends and family. However, if we left any questions unanswered about our little visit and impressions please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll gladly tell you everything you want to know.