Top 5 Breakfast Places

Breakfast. Presumably the most important meal of the day. Well… we think so too, especially when having breakfast at the following places, we just love to take our sweet time for the most important meal of the day. Of course, you can sleep in an make it a brunch as well.

The first place we would love to present to you is Klyo. It’s the perfect place for a delicious sweet or savory (or both) breakfast. They also have healthier options which are super good as well. The cozy but chic seating area gives a comfy feeling which invites to stay and enjoy a catchup with your friends.  You can choose whether to sit inside or outside in the sun, which is the perfect addition to your breakfast or brunch. And the ultimate information we want to share… Klyo serves breakfast until 10 p.m. so you can sleep however long you want (seriously, breakfast at night should become a thing).

Figar is our next pick and actually has multiple places in Vienna and offers some incredibly delicious breakfast options. They have really nice all-day meals, some of which are vegetarian or even vegan. Their food doesn’t only taste amazing, but they also care about the origin of the ingredients and also cite them on their website. Figar’s breakfast dishes offer a wide range of flavors and this is why everybody will definitely find something they love.

The next tip we want to share with you is actually a double and is called Erich and Ulrich. They share all their food sources and give you information on them, which is a huge advantage if you care about where your food comes from like we do. The menu of those two offers such delicious options and everybody will find something to indulge in. Also, a little hint from our side, they serve amazing breakfasts and smoothies which work wonders for the soul if you‘ve had a good time but only little sleep. Another thing we love about Erich and Ulrich is that you can built your breakfast however you like. It’s super easy you just pick a base, choose extras and finish off with some toppings of your choosing.

So, this next one is called Hotel Daniel Bakery which offers a breakfast/brunch buffet for a fixed price and it really delivers. From sweet to savory, from cold to hot. This place has an option for literally everybody and the best part is that you can eat as much as you want. The best part of a buffet is that you can choose and pick whatever you want and switch between all the deliciousness that Hotel Daniel Bakery offers you and your friends.

When talking about our absolute go-to place for a breakfast in Vienna we all come to the same conclusion: Motto am Fluss. So, what would describe this place best? Basically, when looking at the breakfast menu, actually choosing what you want to have this time (because let’s be honest, you will return) is more than a challenge. Our professional-breakfast-lovers tip is choose one that makes you the most hungry and then come back for more another time and another lovely meal.

Treating yourself with a breakfast with your friends at those amazing places is such a perfect way to start your day and just fully enjoy your time. We hope to make you hungry for more ideas and inspirations. If you have a favorite breakfast place in Vienna which we didn’t mention here please let us know and inspire us! We‘re always looking for more places to try.

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