Family time

December 19th: Family time. Fun activities to enjoy with your family.

Christmas is approaching and it‘s the season where we normally spend a lot of time with the family. But how are we supposed to do it this year? Well we have some suggestions for you that might help you during this year’s festive season.

Of course, there are some things you can still do with your family, especially when you’re still living with them. Activities like baking Christmas cookies of enjoying some Christmas tunes is something simple but still is a staple activity during this time around. If just listing to Christmas music is too little for you, you and your family could even to sing some carols yourselves, just enjoy your time.

An activity which is more like a to-do, but still so much fun, is getting the Christmas tree! That’s something outside where you might even be able to see family if they don’t live with you. Back at home with your tree you can start decorating it together and just cherish the time with your loved ones. Even if you live with your family and see them all the time, it’s still nice to spend some quality time together. And let’s be real, without a tree… where should all the presents go?

Whether you are watching a Christmas movie, playing board games, talking a walk or enjoying a hot chocolate together, we wish you a wonderful time with your family and a lot of joy and laughter. We hope to inspired you a little bit. Stay safe, HO HO HO!

written by Jonas